Monday, June 27, 2011


Today our dear darling daughter turned four! We watched the video of her first cry and the precious moments of holding a new life. Today we celebrate Sara!

Cousins that share the same birthday month!

The princess cake

Sweetly four

The amazing deer that just showed up last night, wow!

Special friends celebrating turning four

Sisters that ride together celebrating life.
We love you Sara. We thank God you are in our lives, what a blessing you are to us all!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It is in my heart

Horses are in my heart. I am happy to just linger along the fence line, breath in the aroma that simply says a horse lives here and capture the moment. For me, that is a beautiful day....

Such a beautiful part of our created world.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


They all take turns, waiting to present well thought out projects to our group. Wow, they all do a stellar job! Over the years what growth we have seen on all the children. Some are not children anymore, they are young men and little women! I consider it a true honour to be with this bunch of bright, lively, fun, considerate, creative, inspiring God fearing friends and children.

Spider monkeys and panda bears, horses and budding authors/artists, learning about China and crafting the art of listening and asking questions! A wonderful way to spend a day, we are blessed! 

More Dreams...

From a  lovely friend at church I read these words from her recent blog post  ( dreams.


I hear what she is saying and I think we all know that we have given up many dreams over the years. Often I forget there is a higher purpose in the letting go phase. I have not created the amazing business the ardent sparrow did (see her blog!) Truly amazing, inspiring, creative and beautiful. Lovely is the word for my  my friend!
 A seed was planted and she went for it. God used it and now he is asking her to let it go, for now. That is so difficult and I admire you my friend for allowing God to walk you through this time of letting go and holding on to Christ your greater strength. You have encouraged me with your strength. Thank you for your words of wisdom and the friend you are to me!

I did not know I was going to read this dd (darling daughterbelow) let go of a dream today of riding horses with the older group of children. A small dream perhaps, but to her it was her world today. She let go of something dear to her heart. In her seven year old way she dealt with it, and well. Did she ride, absolutely. She loved every minute on the trails!! However, not too far in the distance were her brothers grooming, saddling and riding, her dream, their reality.

God knows that about her! He cares about that part of her soul. He will meet her needs. I am here to point her in that direction.

Again, ardent sparrow, thank you for your honesty!!
Dreams are gifts from God to glorify Him....
You will ride my dear, you will ride!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We found him!! Or should I say he found us!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The blessing of photography

Thanks to my dear niece Sydney, I have this amazing memory. I am always taking pictures and unless the camera belongs to someone else...I am not in the photo. So on this day I was. I am happy to have this to remember the moment of cousins over playing, Katie smiling like an angel and sister conversation with coffee in hand! To be thankful is just the beginning!
 Thanks Syd! Love how you are using your keen eye to capture life!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Daddy moment

June is a time to celebrate the Father in your life. Today we began the month of June by introducing Katie to water (other than her wee tub!) Exploring this new moment clearly was a highlight for Daddio and all involved! She loved it. More swimming to come!