Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fab Five

When I think of fabulous I look at five children! They are all SOOO different and changing SOO quickly.
While at the humane society I had a funny conversation about the number of kids I have and the number of bunnies they were checking (to see if they were boys or girls!) before we give them away we wanted to make SURE what exactly we were giving! I am glad we went, we had one wrong! Not bad, six out of seven right. I was kind of proud of myself being a new bunny owner ha ha!!) Anyway the lady laughed at the number of kids and bunnies we had and thought we were crazy to even walk down to visit the lonely dogs. Okay, don't panic honey when you read this, we did not bring home a dog! We just looked for fun! The girls had to meet some animals!!
I guess this last minute excursion we had was a reminder of just how precious my five kids are to us. Blessings!
 We make so many errors. We lose our patience, we forget to do things, we say things we shouldn't say, we do a lot wrong. Thankfully we have grace. In our house we have a grace card in effect. When you least expect grace to be lavished upon you, a grace card appears. We don't actually give a card (we could!) but we verbally we say to them they have a grace card. Forgiven, move on and we do.
Grace, we all need it!