Monday, May 24, 2010


Just before we left for the cottage this weekend I scrambled to find the latest book I am reading. 'Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World' by Dr. David Jeremiah. It follows the book, 'What in the World is Going On?' As an author he astounds me at his research and the relevance to our world today. I recommend these two books. I am almost done the second book and  I am learning so much and the part that struck me this weekend had to do with connectivity.
This theme has run rampant through my last few months. Connections to God, friends and family and all the unique situations we as a family have experienced. The theme is, connected.

I want to share with you something Dr. Jeremiah says in his latest book (the one I am reading!), "The goal of my life is to reach that place where diligence to God's will is my total passion."

That spoke to my heart. As I continued to read, the next chapter speaks on staying connected. Lately, that is exactly what I have felt, connected to those I love. The bottomp line is simply this, if my passion is not God's will how can I truly be connected to those God has placed in my life?
The photos to follow are the beautiful connections recently experienced.

I love connectivity, without it where would the church be and where would I be?

I am connected to friends...

I love you all and thank God for you. B and A, we bless you on your new journey. I could have cried so many tears Friday night, instead we had to just laugh and know that we will see you again, soon. I love your blogs (you are both amazing bloggers!!) you spoke my heart in what you both said. Love you!

I am connected to my little one

I am connected to my girls

I am connected to my boys and to the Mac nephews!

There are so many connections, I just had to highlight the most recent. We were made to be in relationship with others, that makes life so beautiful. You know God's hand is in that!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The very day I was in need of a centre piece for one of our showings, one came through the door ( I have flowers now 24/7!) I actually want fresh flowers all the time, but reality says that may not happen. But now I have every reason to keep our home sparkling and fresh with something blooming and lovely!! I have to say it makes a difference. I always buy the long lasting flowers that make it through for at least a week or more. White, off white and lots of greenery.
This calla lilly came on a  day (as I started to write...) from my dear neighbour Eleanor. Earlier in the day I had purchased a glass vase for our dining room table and wondered what I would add to it. I did not have to think long. I placed this in it, the perfect fit and look for that day! I can keep it beyond the table. When we move I can transplant it into our new garden and every year I can enjoy the precious flower and remember this gift from my friend. She did not know what I needed but was prompted and blessed me!
That is how it works. God prompts and you can be a part of blessing someone, daily! I have learned over the years the tug that gently moves my heart, or the thoughts that come to mind that are clearly God given and need action.
I am humbled by her act of kindness and inspired how wonderfully simple an action can be. If you are prompted, act on it and watch what happens!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Deep Water

Last night I was able to take in a wonderful evening of fellowship, food and teaching all in one! I was with my mom and sister and enjoyed just relishing in our time of conversation, laugher, sugary treats and catered food. Not to mention the message. We were called into action. I love that. We were called into Deep Water. Well, deep water can mean many things. Could mean something scary or it could mean trouble! I did not hear it that way last night. In Luke 5, the calling of the first disciples, we are reminded of just how important obedience is in our relationship with Christ.
Jesus was teaching from the shore to the crowds and Simon, James and John were coming back in from fishing all night and sporting empty nets. When he finished speaking he said to Simon, "Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch." Simon I am sure was tired and frustrated. Feeling all the human emotion that comes from a hard day at work with nothing tangible to demonstrate hard labour. "Master, I have worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets."

That is where I have to stop, for now. See, God knows where I am right now. I am saying to the Lord, "But Lord, I have cleaned the house, made it look as nice as I can, added extra touches and prayed and prayed. I have worked so hard and I have not caught a buyer!" I have been holding onto what I am NOT getting and I have been reluctant to say back to the Lords simply and obediently, "But because you say so, I will drop the house!" So, I am calling you all into holding me accountable, I am letting go of this house and throwing down the 'nets'. The more I hold on, the tighter my grip and the less God can do.
I am the problem, my pride is keeping me from lowering the nets. How arrogant is that? Do I seriously believe that God does not have a plan or a buyer? It amazes me how we can allow ourselves to keep on fishing our way and continually come up empty. I want to be be in the boat and say, because you say so Lord, I will. Today I have a really big net and a really big desire and a really big heart for God and and throwing it down. It is time, for the sake of my relationship with Christ and my family, I have to let it go. God is always drawing me closer to him and I know this is one of the times. I need to rejoice and be thankful in everthing.
We have made it through some interesting times over the past two months and I know it is not over yet. The journey continues to strengthen me and reveal to me that God is in control, not me. That is what I have to sink into right now.

After Simon and company listened to the call and let down his nets and it came up full, so large the nets broke. They needed help from the others and and filled up the boats with blessings!!
then Simon said that he was a sinful man and not worthy to be in his presence. Then Jesus said to them, "Don't be afraid; from now on you will catch men."
They pulled in their boats and left everthing and followed him.

WOW. The gem I take from this is to not be afraid, let it go and follow him. It is all about faith. Do I have it? I crave it.

"Put out into deep water, and let down your nets for a catch"
Luke 5:4

What are we waiting for? What are you holding back?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gall Bladders, Moving, Selling and the clear blue!

That is a title isn't it?! Well let me start by saying that I am so far behind on this blog journey. I miss sitting and reflecting on the simple events of my days to the complicated trials that impact truly for His glory. I need to write like I need a coffee! Pouring out my soul is what makes my life work. Wonderous words that can flow to soothe the soul.
Over this past five-six weeks our family has been on quite a journey. We have found a new house to call our home. Not far from this one now, but just far enough to be a whole new world with acres to explore. A stream for adventure and trees to tap syrup? Hey, if I get one bottle of syrup you are all coming over for a bite of a pancake. Call me crazy I already bought a DVD about a family that made syrup on their property! Then comes the ER visit for hubby. Turns out he was in for a day and a half for emergency gall bladder surgery. Then came recovery and extra help from family and friends and for me to kick in to overtime! He made it and has recovered quickly and very well.
Then out of the clear blue, I took a test and two lines appeared! You may know this fact already or not!! It is time to let you know. Now two months into our fifth baby we are counting our blessings and hanging on to the promises God gives us in His word. We are blessed and thankful. I am also tired, little sick and still can't believe that all this happened at the same time.
We move in a month and in the meantime we must do our best to sell this house. Keeping it tidy, the cat out of the way, geckos clean and a hamster that will actually stay in his cage! It helps if the kids close the door. He is an escape artist and he was gone for nine days. I found him this am in the furnace room eating lady's cat food!! He is safe in his home and ready to be cleaned.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate. I sense his peace and his out stretched hands over our family and I am thankful. We take it all a day at a time and know that He is in control!

thanks for reading and praying...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flowers galore

Duncan arranged with Chris last week to send me flowers from all the kids. Lots of beautiful red roses and a few mixed in! I have been able to enjoy them for days now. Works perfectly as we continue to stage our home too. We are moving and in the middle of trying to sell our home. Talk about crazy journey. This mother's day has been a nice rest. No open houses, no showings just relaxing and enjoying family. Monday brings a new day. A day of trusting that we are in the Lord's hand and His timing. I get ancy and lose sight of His timing over mine. Yes, June is coming quickly and the need to sell and pack is looming, but truly I have a husband that reminds me that we just have to be patient. He is my steady visionary man, thankful so thankful!

Again, today as our family spent time together it was a time of peace and lingering over the simple things of life. A walk, icecream, a good nap, church, brunch with family, reading the bible, praying together. They all took time praying for me and what an honour to hear them pray, for me!

What a day, a wonderful day. Glad that God is in charge onf it, not me!

our cold mother's day walk!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

All we needed was a piece of toast!

She took a bite of toast and this is what came with it! How long can a tooth wiggle? Sam has the record, but finally out it came. Now we wait for the other one!
Tonight I am thankful for the excitement of missing teeth!!