Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tomorrow I take her to a tea and will sit and listen to many wise women speak on Proverbs 31. My heart yearns to build her up and enable her to see how wonderful and beautiful she is in the eyes of her maker. She needs encouragement, and my prayer is that I can do that for her daily and intentionally surround her with women that will do the same.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


He loves the water, that is all there is to it. I love that he loves the water.  It is a place to relax, enjoy and it seems to command our attention toward our creator. This love for H2O is naturally a joy for our children too.
I always watch the spray from each pass he takes, for some reason each one is a different wall of water that relfects each turn. I can always tell when he may be slightly disappointed in a turn- less spray! Tonight I could not help but think of the corners I take in life and my spray, but not literally on the water, my everyday movements that others see and are affected by. Is God really driving my boat and am I allowing Him to really teach my how to take the corners. So often I am disappointed by 'my spray wall'. I am not leaving the trail of water the excites and inspires for His glory.
When I fall and hit the water (now this is literal!) I fall hard, the water is always up my nose and the bathing suit is somewhere and I feel as though I never want to ski again. But along comes my enourager and lovingly leads me toward the boat with calm instruction. Somehow I get back up again and ski on home. I am so thankful for my dear husband that guides and leads and enables me to get up and make that corner (with little spray ever!) but I do it how I was created and he helps me do what I am called to do.   Ski on my love and thanks for always picking me up out of the waters that we pass through

Monday, June 7, 2010

Backyard Adventures and Memories

We have so many memories with the home and we are thankful. On the weekend we had lots of neighbourhood kids over for a balloon fight, sprinkler under the trampoline, popcicles and just fun. I had errands to do so Daddy was in charge for lots of it!!! Glad for the memories.

My sister reminded me to to take pictures of our place to remember! How soon our memories fade (especially as we get older yikes!) So, I took one of this remarkable tree. It is called a catellapa tree (not sure of the spelling) but the leave are larger than any leaf I have ever seen. It makes my feel like I am in a rain forest when I sit under it. The pods that eventually grow are like a green beans on steroids!! It is really something and I have always loved that tree. I plan on taking some pods with us and planting some and over the years see if we can enjoy another one. Okay, it may take 20 yrs, but why not!

Now onward to a new place for more memories, 10 days until we move!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

jump for joy

There it is, that is how we feel right now. A very exciting day for the Mac clan! We are thankful and blessed!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wading In

These past few months I have felt much like the picture above, standing at the shore looking out and simply waiting. Waiting to enter into something new but not on my time. I had to wade in slowly. I have had such a lesson in patience and perseverance (not ironic that our church has been talking in great length about persevering!!!) I love how God intentional ties in what he is trying to teach you by combining it with quiet times, sermons and words from the wise!
As I spoke to my dear friend today the term out of sinc came out in the conversation. I think that sums up perfectly how I have been feeling with life. I know that times like these God is reaching my soul to change me. Change does not come easily, it is hard work and letting go, even if the water is cold and you feel like you must wear boots to wade it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Moving on!

Last night we signed the last paper to finalize the deal, we are moving. To the hills we run!! In two weeks you may have to send a search party to actually get us on the phone. We will be wandering the acres looking for the property line. I still don't know where it ends. Once the boys take the dirt bike course I will leave it to them to find it!!

Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.

That is the verse I was given today. I am reading through Deuteronomy and the Psalms and was not even close to Psalm 126, but I sensed I needed to read it today. So, that verse will remain with me always as I think back to the past 6 wks. Baby #5, bought a house, sold a house, Duncan in for surgery, homeschooling in a normal fashion (is that possible!?)  and as of today dear friends leaving for a new phase in life. As I think of that ,I get so emotional. We love this family dearly and will miss them. Today my prayers are directed to them as they embark on this incredible journey. I know my dh (dear hubby) is not making plans Iike me, but I have already looked into a visit for September!

I am so thankful that God is the one that has the plans for us, that He knows what is best. I so often think I know better and quickly I am reminded He is in control. Not a negative thought at all, quite the opposite. Very peacful and hopeful.

Thanks to all for your love and prayers. Now, the packing begins!

I thought this was so appropriate as this little guy (Alex) was one of my little stressers over the past 6b wks. Oh, I know he looks so cute and fluffy...well when he escapes from his home and runs our home through the walls during showings and open houses, his cute factor quickly fade to...where are the traps (did I just say that!)

I chose this because it reminds me of our God holds me through the stressful times!