Friday, November 25, 2011

Hanging on...

There days that come along and you feel you are barely hanging on...

Sounds like a country song as I look back and read it! Now I am laughing to myself. But the sentiments remains true,
Days can be icy and cold, but as one of the last leaves from this Japanese Maple clings, we too can hold on because of Christ in us.

We are memorizing Psalm 23 (again!) How easily we can forget words from a Psalm that is well known!


So often we memorize scripture to music and this time Peter Furler (amazing christian artist) has a recent album called On Fire and our favourite song is Psalm 23.
We all love it and sing to it often. A great way to memorize scripture and enjoy time together.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


As with our kitten 'Brownie', gathering can mean so many different things! She prefers to gather her tiny frame into the most unique and creative spots to simply, rest!
When I think of gathering at times I think of gathering my brood into a cozy location to read, create some sort of art or listen to an audio drama or music.

Gathering for a purpose.

 If our kitten can find comfort in this, so can we.
Does this make any sense?

 Some days you need to just gather yourself and not follow the regular routine. How I know this? Well, I think back to the days of being in grade school when I would wake and wish I could just stay at home. To do what? I didn't know, just to 'gather' myself and simply be...

Today is one of those days for us. We are gathering.

The above pics are of a walk I took, with one of my kids  and another time on  my own with my camera!! There is always something to capture and gather for my archives.

I read this morning from Psalm 18

"The Lord is my rock and my fortess and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies."

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Creative projects in our home are exciting! A beautiful calm and serene atmosphere often rules. At times the focus can be intense (depends on the project of course!). This particular day we dove into creating igloo art. Sugar cubes, icing sugar and glue combo, cardboard/foil for the bottom and off we went! We also used mini marshmallows and plastic containers for another type of igloo. It was my first year of teaching fifteen years ago that I had a grade two class create these very igloos! Wow time, where does it go? This day, the sugar cubes turned into forts mainly! The boys kept on going and decided the igloo really needed a fort look instead! I am sure all the reading we did on the Inuit is etched in their brains enough!!

This is a time we set aside for listening to an audio series. We just finished the Railway Children, Les Mis and before that Bonhoeffer and Anne of Green Gables. If the kids could do this all day, they would! I love it too. I make the projects happen, they in turn bring it to life! I love that part, the best really!
I am trying to document best the projects we do more often this year and include what we listened to. Sometimes it is music and other times I read out loud. Our favourite book so far this year is Isand of the Blue Dolphins By Scott O'Dell. I know that there will be a day I look back on these moments with much gratitude for time spent like this. I am thankful now, I just know that these are memories to hold on to...

...then the markers came out and people created! If sugar cubes were free we would have an entire village by now!

We continue to create, explore and enjoy our journey!

Welcome Baby Sky!

She has arrived! Welcome baby Sky! Christina, you are a beautiful mother of a baby girl! Can't wait to take more photos.....
Children are a blessing!