Sunday, January 15, 2012

taking time

Sometimes I put my camera down and days go by and wonder what is missing. Then I realize the camera has been safely stored in the case. Why? So I won't bump or drop it. Then the days go memories captured.

 I know my niece Sydney is attempting to take a picture a day and that inspired me to not get so caught up in life that I miss out on the beauty of viewing life through a lens. I read the pioneer woman's blog and appreciate her photography assistance and she too inspires me to really dig deep and take time learn just how to capture the memories. I am thankful that this love of photography means I take time. This photo above reminds me to look out my window and stand in awe of the God who created it!
Psalm 121 I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from. The maker of heaven and earth...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

a day...

Sometimes you find the day, other times the day finds you. Does that sound odd? Well, thinking Ann Voskamp style (really is our Lord speaking through her!) is the whole concept of being thankful. So I begin the year with my first item of gratitude...

1. Thankful it is only fleas, not lice

2. Embracing children that serve by vacuuming, taking care of baby while I do laundry, and say with a forced grin, "I like cats'.

3. A dear man that listens to my rambles through the tears of, a day...

Today the day found me, quite unexpectedly. Oh how 4. thankful I am for friends/sisters that listen to my stories and can laugh with me. A visit to the vet ($$) not sure how that happened...and news of the little pests arrive. I want to ignore what I found in the office before she (the vet$$$) arrived. I had seen no evidence of these 'things' but suddenly and most intrusively the have made their mark and now have to be taken care of. That meant a day of up and down and all over cleaning. I only just stopped to read a blog or two and write my own, therapy really! I think the boys are now convinced that animals are not necessary!! Especially cats (like their dad!)
Tonight, they sit alone downstairs with a treatment to cure the pests. I know they don't like it! Lady ignores me when I go see her and poor Brownie is just happy to see someone!

5. For moments to reflect for therapeutic reasons!

Psalm 5:1 said today, "Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my groaning. Give attention to the sound of my cry.'
May seem a bit crazy, but yes i groaned and cried today over fleas! I need to get over the moments a wee bit faster now don't I!? But I was reminded that I am not alone..."in the morning you hear my voice." He hears our cries from whatever situation we encounter. So grateful for that fact.

Cling to the truth, God is here

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas of the past

How Sad it is to have to say this is in the past...but it truly is now! When my DH (dear hubby) is home for the few days around and after Christmas, the tree and all comes down with his help and the dusting begins! Not much of that during December honestly! I quickly realized that I had not taken a photo of my fav spot in the house - the fireplace in the living room. If you can see (pic is a bit dark unfortunatley) one stocking still does not have a name on it! I still have to add Katie to the stocking!! I still stuffed some goodies in there of course! Maybe before next Christmas!? So before it all came down I rushed for the camera to be able to soak in the moment....

I am thankful for this Christmas. We celebrated with family and friends and will continue to enjoy time off from our regular school days and simply play and visit! Organize and clean will fit in there someway, somehow?

Book Review:

Jotham's Journey was a wonderful book that we read over the weeks before Christmas. It was the fav part of our days and the kids always were so sad we would stop and wait for the next chapter! What an amazing book about Christmas. So much learned in the young boys journey toward Christ. It really helped our family each night remember the reason for the season! Reading out loud joins us in such remarkable ways. I too love being read to!!! What a treat, I usually do majority of the reading out loud. I was spoiled this time!