Wednesday, December 11, 2013

awake my soul

awake my soul and sing....

waking up

The changing of seasons is always a welcome gift. I treasure the moments that I see transform in just hours....
Am I waking up to the wonders of God's amazing creation? Sometimes I am so caught up in what is next here at home, I miss His amazing gifts that surround.
Call me strange but I love posting off season pictures. It reminds me of what is to come! I know that spring will arrive! One of my favourite times is when the fog sets in...all seems to be perfectly still and at rest. The subtle breeze and droplets of dew are works of art. I can't help but stand in awe.
So here is one of those moments....



Saturday, November 23, 2013

Around the fire...a new beginning


We gathered and sat together as we so often do. These days it seems with early rising toddlers and sleepy teens from a late hockey game the timing has become tricky!
 But I try...

Often I begin with the regular routine and wait for the 'best' time to gather the brood to pray, read, journal and well just be sitting together, slowing down. Lately, as I just explained to some HS dear friends, I admitted that I knew I had been reminded to leave things in God's hands. I heard many times that there were things in my home that were a result of my doing that needed to be 'burned' so to speak. I have heard the message countless times and over many years. Let go of anger.
 I built a fire, I took a deep breath. I cut up strips of paper and and said write out those things that burden you, the sins in your life that hold you. Write it down, don't show anyone and throw it in the fire. That's it..plain and simple. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. We are forgiven, so we wrote it down and asked for forgiveness. I wrote down one ( I have many) but the focus was simply one sin to burn, ANGER. I cried (shocker!) but I wrote it, crumpled it and burned it. I was also quick to remind them that I would be asking for forgiveness again. Sad, but true. I wanted them to know how desperately I wanted to rid myself of this habit. It has become that in my home. I see it in me and my kids. I let it go, gave it to our loving, forgiving Father and said - I am sorry, pleas forgive me. They sat quiet, but with me, forgiving me....oh how thankful I am for these children.
Like a new bud on a Japanese forgivness

The sound of a sparkling, rushing forgiveness

Spring came while the fire burned and the cold brushed against the windows.
Fresh and new...forgiven.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I am back and so is fall....


I have been absent and have returned with pictures to share...again these are times I cherish and am thankful that God has given me moments to be thankful for....
Thankful for fall and time with family....

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Cottage 2013

Cant help but smile when I see the kids sitting here. Looks so serene! Well let me tell you sunsets last for just so long and when five kids are engaged in an activity and you have a frantic mom (only slightly obsessed with capturing most moments) running into the cottage gathering her chicks to take the summer would smile too! They did it and I was so relieved. No one cried, no one was mad and it worked. I had 2 min and I got my shot! Yehoo!!

My favourite picture of the summer!

One of the hot days! Have not had many this year!