Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New in New York

Being new to New York was dreamy. Our adventure alone to celebrate my birthday and our marriage was a beautiful adventure. The surprise of where we were going was unveiled at the airport. I felt like a kid on her birthday (well it kind of was!) My husband created this adventure from the beginning to end. I know he loves me, for him this was a way to show me love in a language that thrilled my heart. He gave me a 40th that I find hard to put into words. I am still just in awe of the surprises I encountered. He did it all. I am SO thankful for my amazing man. He is such a gift. I thank God for him and how he shows me such an abundance of love.

The new building near ground zero

One of the amazing plays we saw. Also saw war horse

Our view from the hotel. What a sight to see!

Moments spent refelcting on tragedy and loss

                                       Yehoo, someone passed by and offered to take a picture of us

Evening strolls by the water

One of the many that lost their life

Beautiful city architecure

Evening sky

Our home for three days!

Central Park

Still can't avoid the double chin

Duncan, thank you for planning this amazing adventure. So romantic and the memories are ours! Love it!
I love you

Friday, March 23, 2012

surprised by joy

An eventful evening is huge understatement for me when it comes to recapping an evening where I was completely caught off guard by many friends and family! I assumed that because my dear husband asked me to find a sitter for my birthday night that meant we would go out for dinner with my cousin and his wife, our dear friends. It is a tradition and what better way to celebrate!! I had a sitter, almost lost her at one point, and off we went to have a nice dinner out. We head to our favourite spot close by and walk down the stairs, open the door, walk through the bar area and, SURPRISE. I can't put into words the complete shock at a room full of people, very humbling experience. As most know, I am an emotional woman on a good day let alone at surprise party. I  was barely able to gather myself together and my amazing, loving, devoted, creative, fantastic husband whisked me away to what looked like the front of the room to read the most loving words about me. I was not prepared for what happened the rest of the evening at all. Words by family and friends were spoken out loud to my heart that touched me deeply. I laughed and cried and tried to enjoy the amazing food prepared by quite a chef!!  Honestly, I will NEVER forget this night. This was the most treasured of times. I still have difficulty recalling without becoming emotional. I have always wanted to have a party at our place with lots of family and friends literally for no particular occasion except to celebrate life, friends and family. A party to simple celebrate and fellowship together. Well, my husband did just that, in his own special way. He honoured me, blessed me and made me feel like I was his bride on our wedding day all over again. He is truly the most incredible gift given to me. I adore him. Babe, thank you again for putting this night together. I had so much fun. The memories will linger always. To those reading this that were there, you know who you are, thank you for being there, for me....honoured and humbled always! 

 To my dear mom, thank you for how you were so sneaky and made my birthday a blessing!!!!
I love you

My Sister who drove 12 hours to surprise me (on the left) and that made me cry SO hard. Thank you for making the drive with Mallory and making the night memorable in way I can't describe. BEST surprise entrance EVER! Paula, your words were precious to me and I thank you for taking the day to run around, be sneaky and make it all the way back to surprise me AND be 5 wks away from baby number 8!! YIKES!! I love you both!

My inlaws, wow thank you for your words that blessed me and for all you do for us and the kids! You are quite a team. Thank you for making me feel so loved.

My loving loved every minute watching this evening unfold! All your planning and efforts came together and you made it happen. I love you and thank you for loving me so much. You made turning forty the best age EVER! I love you I love you I love you....

paula again, thank you

Charm, you amazed me! You still had it in you to speak!! Your words were beautiful...

Dunc, thanks for reading so many special messages from those that could not be there and from our precious children

Oh what would I do without my LP gang! Thank you ladies for rockin' the house with your humour and loving words! You are so awesome.

Heath, our worlds united by teaching!! I love how our friendship began. It continues to this day with ease and I am so thankful for you. Your words touched me and I thank you!!!!

Bro, aah yes the speech was smooth, hilarious and wow, quite emotional! I was speechless. Your witty and charming personality traits spoke volumes. Of course, thank you and I love you. I am so glad you and Halcyon could be there to celebrate!

The menu...mmmmm I can't wait to go back and eat it all over again!

Jo, what a treasure you are! Thank you for taking Josh to Gymboree 12 yrs ago so we could meet. All the times we have enjoyed and shared, endless really! Thank you for your loving words. I am so glad you were there.

Bro Burke and Halcyon, you are a beautiful artist Halcyon. Thank you, you know what I mean!!!!

okay, the dessert! I have made secret plans to go back on my own just to eat this! Thank you babe for making the menu so decadant!

Mom and Dad, hard to sum up how much I love you but thank you for your words to me that night and just how much you love me is so obvious. You taught me to love, thank you!

Michaela, you are a treasure in our home. The time you have spent here has always been a blessing. We love you, the children adore you and the efforts to walk with us through our teaching journey at home has been fantastic!

The four Mudge kids! Who would have thought we would be together for a picture March 5, 2012?

 Pastor Paul, your words of truth spoken from the Bible spoke my heart. Thank you for sharing with others the love of Jesus!

An appropriate way to sum up, here's to you all of my friends and family for loving me, supporting me and making my world beautiful. God has blessed me because of YOU!
I have more pictures coming, but I did not take any pics that night! I need more! SO, if I missed you (I know I did) wait, more pictures to come!!!!!
in short, thank you......