Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dying to Self, again... this is the link to our church. Today was one of the most amazing sermons we have listened to. Perhaps I did not want to hear all the words because they cause that sting of change that we all avoid so quickly in life. Truly, unless we die to our own desires and whatever is holding us in a stagnant state, has to die so that life can come forth. We studied a passage in the book of John where Christ speaks of the grain of wheat that falls and must die to produce fruit.

This took me back to times in my life when I had to let something go so that Christ would be glorified and his will be done. I think of private christian school for home educating, I think of church moves and letting go of ladies ministry and possible friendships, I think of our move years ago from BC to Ontario and has scary that looked and wonder how my parents were able to let go of a thriving church, community and friends all because God called them to. I think of moving from one house to another....there are many things I have had to let go and because of that God has been glorified, lives changed and the gospel message revealed. I may not have chosen these changes in my life, but I did choose to follow Christ. He (Christ) never promised a comfortable easy going life. Actually, quite the opposite. As I watch in amazement at choices both of my sisters have made over the past year I stand in awe at the trust they have in the Lord's never failing grace and love. They both have blogs ( and the maretzki family - both links on my home page). I continue to thank God for the inspiration and encouragement that they are to me. It walks me through those times when I just don't feel like dying to myself and my needs AGAIN! A daily journey.

John 12:23 "Truly, truly I say unto you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit."

Friday, August 20, 2010

More today

Could it be that I am called to be more than I am today? This thought continues to circulate through my mind. Can I be more tomorrow? Will I be more like Christ? Staying where I am troubles me and drives me to change, daily. Then I slip into the same routine, rut or whatever it is, and think I am the same. Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. My responsibility is to change, to be more of what Christ has called me to be. As a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter and neighbour. To me there are days that concepts is overwhelming, but then I look at my children that I challenge every day through scripture, to walk in the word and draw close to Christ, pray and meditate on his words. I challenge them to change and sometimes forget about just how much change needs to occur in me! I am called to teach, nurture and raise these children to know the Lord. I am called to be more than I am today and thankfully I have a gracious and loving heavenly father that encourages and waits patiently as I seek to make those changes in my life. Hard to do, but I am challenged and must proceed!!

This one of the reasons why I do what I do!

Isaiah 45:8
a beautiful verse that we all wrote out in our journals outside the other morning.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

on our way

Okay today marks the first entry since June and the dry spell is over. I sense the words gushing out of me!!

 Our journey has been one of hills and valleys, triumphs and failures. Since the first moment we viewed our new home I knew we had started something. Well, let's call it passing through the waters! Our family theme verse comes from Isaiah, (when you pass through the waters I will be with you) . Moving is wonderfully stressful and proves exciting. Just when you think you have moved it all, or when you have found all the quirks of the new home, suddenly it is there. You become acutely aware of moving pains again.

We have learned even more about one another through this time. Each one of us being created very uniquely reacts differently indeed. We have become acquainted with a trait called patience. I thought we knew relatively well and turns out we needed to be reintroduced and quickly. Talk about extra grace, heaping spoonfuls of love and loaded with patience. We have had to dig deep to find time with God as a family and on our own. Our routine has been challenged and so has our time alone to truly hear what God is saying.
I just read my friends blog about listening to God. Am I listening? I fear I have not heard all I needed to hear and am anxiously sitting now when I take the moment to recapture my lost moments. What perfect timing to read that I am not alone, we all struggle with truly listening and hearing and therefore doing.

Read, pray and serve. These three words are key to me right now in so many ways because when I do sit down to read the bible, pray on what I have read and used my journal, instead of it collecting unwanted dust, I therefore am prepared to serve with a heart more like Christ. I am committing to a readiness to pray, read and serve in ways I have never done before. I don't know what it looks like, but that is a conviction I am prepared to act on.

I just read Bryn's blog about the stark contrast where he and he family now reside (Bahamas) and how you can be walking among the poorest of the poor and turn a corner and brush shoulders with the exact opposite all within such a close proximity!  He eloquently reminds us that we all need Christ no matter what our lifestyle may be. We are all sinners and in need of a Saviour. We all need to hear the message of the gospel. We have hope, we need to tell others of this gift of salvation. So, I am prompted even more to live for Christ and serve where and when He calls me.

Right now I look around at our four children (almost five - halfway there!! Hard to believe) and know that this is my first place of ministry, the home. My husband and children. As I am called I desire to be involved in ways outside of our home that only God can lead me to. Some of our most wonderful family moments happen when we are serving and going beyond our home. That is what I want my children to learn. We need to be out there for Christ. He empowers us through the Holy Spirit in ways that are beyond our comprehension. I pray that God will give me all I need to be Christ to my children so they in turn will be Christ to someone else. Could be a sibling or someone on Young St, The Compass in Port Credit or a teen mom in need. I want them acutely aware of needs around them so they are quick to act. I can only pray this will happen in their lives. So, ultimately they will see it in us (parents) first and who we surround ourselves with.    It all comes back to the title, on our way and the three words that are so impressed on my heart: Read, Pray, Serve. We are on our way in a direction I trust is God's plan. I look to the future days with a more ready heart than I have in months.

Glad to be back in the blog world!!