Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brothers and sisters...all inclusive!

Today as I looked back at these moments I was reminded of the strength of family. We are connected and not by chance. God had a plan!

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Mother's Love

Leading her young, giving them life.

How am I doing with this responsibility?

Recently I was blessed with this truly incredible moment, mother and son. Doe and fawn.
Fitting isn't it that my eldest turns is fifteen today! We know that the fawn is male as Chris has been reading The Yearling for English and he learned how to identify a male or female.

She tenderly leads her son through the creek, navigating
 I am attempting to lead like this mama, with the end in mind. Leading them so they can forage through life independent from us and dependent on Christ alone. We will always be the parent...

Butterlly Beauty, right here at home- reflecting again

Reflection, I needed this tonight

So, my heart melts and I am instantly taken back to each of these moments in time.
How intensely thankful I am for photography and those in the pictures.
There is so much to do before they find their way beyond our home. Where will they go and how will they get there... By grace they will.