Friday, April 3, 2015

It is well with my soul

For nine years or more I have been asked many questions about why I do what I do. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Or perhaps why are you so crazy....
Well, a conference I attended years ago confirmed perhaps one of my greater fears.
He asked us if it is well with our souls. I knew for me, ten years ago that it just was not well. I listened...
 Things were not well with my soul and after much prayer, talking and talking and talking (too much probably) we embarked on an educational journey that we are still on today. School at home.
School at home has always been more about is about who are kids are and their hearts.
We have made countless mistakes.
We have failed miserably.
We have fallen flat on our faces.
We have sought daily forgiveness.
We have built up and broken down.
We have......I could fill in the blank with multitudes of words.
 I have to make a daily choice to get up and move on and persevere, especially when the days are not working well at all.
The hot pursuit to educate perfectly surrounds parents daily. Does not matter what choice is made-at home, down the road, on the bus, Christian or public. School changes us, for good and not so good. Character is tested, everywhere.
Character at the heart is what you do when you think no knows. 
How I choose to teach my kids will affect them, as well as the books they read and other curriculum they encounter. If I can teach them
to be diligent, wise, productive, independent won't it all work out?
No, not necessarily. Not always the way we want.
But, my hope is that what I have taught, continue to teach will stay in their hearts. The biblical truth they have heard will take root and the Holy Spirit will move mightily as they pursue truth.
I can present it, pray about it, talk about it but I can't force it. That is not possible.
So, I will continue to teach my kids about this incredible God and the gift of salvation through His son Jesus Christ.
I will continue to seek curriculum that will challenge them and change them.
I will continue to pray, especially as our first born son has just embarked on a schooling adventure that takes his learning outside of the home. Nothing is static here, there is constant movement and change which happens daily in life.
What will this season bring?
For today, I look back on a memory, the amazing transformation of  the painted lady butterfly that we observed right in our home. I loved the joy and excitement this brought into our home.
This is our school...not perfect but our place of God's grace.

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Heather said...

Yes, by God's grace! So thankful for that... and for inspirational friends who always lead me to knew knowledge, new curriculum and new ways of doing things. XO