Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can I?

I have never felt that "I can" more than ever. Let me explain....

Today, surrounded by seventeen children, eating dinner, watching my sister (due with her eighth) make fresh playdough, just because she deep down desires to bless children even if they do not belong to her!! She is taking care of five more children because her friend was in labour and gave birth to her sixth child  today, a girl!
It was so cool to wait for the call that another life was on the way. A miracle again.....

It was hilarious to watch all the kids running around outside building secret forts (I found out later from Jack!), playing board games, playing with silly toys, holding babies, constantly walking into the kitchen eagerly anticipating dinner (the aroma looming !!!) and toddlers being toddlers, and cousins being cousins! I was reminded that this IS what it is all about...raising a new generation of children that will see God and hopefully a true, inspiring joy in the journey in the lives of parents. With much prayer, this is my hope. I hope that my children will see joy in my journey. I want to embrace where I am today and choose to be thankful and joyful. Today was a reminder of how children are a gift and MY journey TODAY! I have five children that God has chosen for me (and my dear hubby) to raise. I His grace only.

This is one of those moments I am reminded of how our children look to us, even when I don't think they are, I have to ask myself how am I leading these little ones? I have to know that I CAN lead them because God has called me to! With Christ all things are possible.
I choose joy, I want to embrace joy today....

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Plans, a funny word right now. I always have plans to photographically journal my life. I keep on taking the pictures, habit really, but am not taking it that step further that seems to sum up me - to write about the moments that match the photos. These are a collection of some of my favourites. Some from the summer, others from September. I have lots to document! We have had some great fieldtrips and adventures that I can't wait to share....

I have to say that the past five or more weeks has been immeresed in my home. Living and breathing, connecting and communicating, creating and fieldtripping (not sure if that is a great word!!) and the list really is endless. I look back and could say that I have missed out on social activities, people and things for me and yes a lot of that is true. However, for me the truth is that being here for the five children God has blessed me with is simply where I need to be. The choice to homeschool comes with obvious change from my days at John knox. As full as my days are, we are moving as one. That is how I feel I can best sum up the beginning of another school year, we are moving as one...

Know that this does not mean at all that days are perfect, smooth, happy and always full of fun, fun,
 fun! I have struggled through many up and down times that have cause a lot of friction and not-so-joyful moments. I have persevered through those times largely due to prayer and the most amazing husband ever. I have been so blessed by this man.
Thus brings me to the title of this post, carried.

I was driving home recently and all I could think of was the fact that for my entire almost forty years (not until next year, but coming!) I know that I have been carried by the One who created me. I truly have no idea just how much, but I know I have. I have always been blessed by the knowledge that God loves me, created me and has a plan for me. He is sovereign, that is hope, that is wonderful knowledge.
My folks have carried me through prayer, and I know that they have stood in the gap for me and wow, that is a gift given to me that I have a hard time getting my head around! Again, wonderful knowledge.

Pastor Tim Challies (see his blog from Grace Fellowship Church ( spoke about the fact that God is sovereign. He knows all. For me that is beautiful. My other blog begins with that fact. He is sovereign and because of that I can radiate His love. This sovereign radiance blog is a meant to be a journey with my daughters as we navigate these years together! I am way behind on that blog!!! Work in progress...

These pictures are moments for me that give me great joy. That is what this blog is about. Recalling our life moments!
More to come....
Fieldtrips are are some of our fun!

                                                                        Chudleigh's Apple Farm
                                                          We love to visit mid week, not busy and cheaper too!!!
Our edible cell (jello and treats inside) from our Anatomy and Physiology studies from Exploring Creation by Jeannie Fulbright (such a great series of science books!)

                                                           more apple farm fun
Hay down the slide!

that is it for now.....more to come