Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fab Five

When I think of fabulous I look at five children! They are all SOOO different and changing SOO quickly.
While at the humane society I had a funny conversation about the number of kids I have and the number of bunnies they were checking (to see if they were boys or girls!) before we give them away we wanted to make SURE what exactly we were giving! I am glad we went, we had one wrong! Not bad, six out of seven right. I was kind of proud of myself being a new bunny owner ha ha!!) Anyway the lady laughed at the number of kids and bunnies we had and thought we were crazy to even walk down to visit the lonely dogs. Okay, don't panic honey when you read this, we did not bring home a dog! We just looked for fun! The girls had to meet some animals!!
I guess this last minute excursion we had was a reminder of just how precious my five kids are to us. Blessings!
 We make so many errors. We lose our patience, we forget to do things, we say things we shouldn't say, we do a lot wrong. Thankfully we have grace. In our house we have a grace card in effect. When you least expect grace to be lavished upon you, a grace card appears. We don't actually give a card (we could!) but we verbally we say to them they have a grace card. Forgiven, move on and we do.
Grace, we all need it!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Katie will run by almost unaware by the cupboard that leads to the zone of 'endless kitcheny things' , you know soaps, dish racks, compost bins, cleaners and so on! But when she does stop, out go the huge rubber gloves on her teeny hands...and I laugh! She cracks me up! Tonight I prayed with Jack and was thankful for this bright light that Katie is to our family. I am so thankful for her funny ways and cozy cuddles...see below
Cuddles, they do this almost daily!!

Bye for now! Maybe this is a good Christmas gift idea!! Who would have thought....
Wednesday mornings has been a wonderful blessing to me. We are studing Nehemiah by Kelly Minter. What a great book. I have never studied Nehemiah like this before and am so thankful for the way she is walking us through understanding so many truths.
Sometimes I walk by the obvious and when I go back and dig in, I learn and grow. Thankful for those times! Check out her study on Nehemiah, so worth it!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just us...celebrating life

Our Family
October 2012

Sydney Ellen Photography


As we walk these days together our family is stronger and more passionate than ever before. I say this because of the need for prayer. Daily we sit together and with a new journal we have a page for thanksgiving and praise, the other side for prayer requests. We are filling it more and more. There are days I can hardly pray my heart is so heavy for the hearts breaking and the need for forgivness, restoration and grace. I need that everyday, but I know there are others out there I love hurting and I want to take that hurt away, now! All I can do is pray. So, therefore, all my kids can do is follow my lead. They pray or at the very least listen to my pray!
Friday is our day we read from, Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs stories of those who stood for Jesus: the ultimate Jesus Freaks.
We have read stories from this book, but today I started from the beginning. It was outlining the courage and faith of the young teenage girl that was shot at Columbine High School after she was asked if she believed in God. She said yes. Then He asked why. She never was able to answer... 
Horrible, tragic and devestating. She is gone, but her memory is that of a faith that could not be moved. She chose life with Christ as gain, and her loss of life gain.
 These are tough life lessons, but when I read these out loud I do so to ground us. Then we pray, more....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

In loving memory of Emilie Frieda Mudge


Born June 3, 1916

Tilsit, East Prussia, Germany

Passed Away

Thursday, September 27, 2012


She was 96...


Her Hymns:

Abide With Me
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
How Great Thou Art
10,000 Reasons was played as they took her coffin out of the funeral service,
a moment I will never forget
Below are memories of three years ago at my Grandpa's funeral. I will post my recent trip shortly. These were imporant for me to post. I wanted to remember her....

Her eldest son Walter

Charles is third son

Gerry, Gloria, Dan, Hilda, Don (youngest son) Charles, Grandma, Amanda (youngest grandchild) Walter, Derek (grandson) Burke, Me, Andrew (grandson)

The four Mudge Sons
one of many walks, this one to find the best potatoes EVER!

The famous pond shot!

Mom, Dad and Grandma

Found some potatoes for dinner!

Look at her precious hair! Pin curls on her own always!
Amanda (well me too!)

Remembering Grandpa and his woodworking love

Sam, the most spoiled dog I have EVER met!

The Barn
Dad helped her with the pearls
I just love this porch! So many memories up there having fun. Here is mom enjoying the sunset

Where did we learn to drive? I Saskatchewan of course at the farm!

Burke and Sam, we loved taking walks as kids and even more as adults.
We loved Grandma and Grandpa. I am so thankful for memories to pass on to my children.
 I know I can celebrate today because they are with the Lord. I will see them again.
Psalm 116:15
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Ladies, we meet again! This time in Halton Hills celebrating Kristine and Amy turning 40! Lots of celebrating lately that is for sure. To you my friends, happy birthday and lots of love and laughter!

Party time

When you have a friend as special as Heather, celebrating her is SO EASY!!! What a blast to celebrate and surprise her at the nursery. You are beautiful inside and out! Happy Birthday!!

Soccer and Hair Styles

Dear Sara,
We watched you try soccer for the first time this year. Your favourite part was the practice. You had no competition and could actually touch the ball! Otherwise the game was tough. Lots of players wanting the same black and white ball. Too much for you! So, the first half was your game. The second you learned to persevere!
Love you baby doll. A special time for you!


Life in the Village


Black Creek Pionner Village September 2012

Four days of learning through the lens of 1860.

A one room schoolhouse was all that once was needed in the country side of many places years ago. In 1860 school was a structured place of learning and character building. Foundations were solid biblically and carried out daily. Arriving on horseback or foot would obviously be the norm. For us we arrived in our vans, SUV's and cars and quickly transformed into a pioneer family. I still recall the reaction Chris had when he saw me in the pionner attire for the first time, "Wow, Mom you look different!" Thanks son!!! He he he!!! I giggled because it was truly a plain dress, but suitable for 1860!
My  Dad loves to recount stories of his schooling in Lloydminster Saskatchewan. He had a school very similar to this one. He would arrive on horseback cold, wet, tired and hungry. School had not even started yet! One stove and few texts. We take forgranted the curriculum choices we have today for sure. One will always remain accessible, true and unchangeable- the Bible.
We began our day with God save the Queen, The Lord's Prayer, and A Mighty Fortress is our God. These moments brought me back to the days when we said the Lord's Prayer in school. Later changed to a moment of silence. God has been ushered out. It was great to start our school day with God first!

Oh Katie....she tried to be a quiet student. To no avail. She just had ants in her pants!!

Katie leading recess break!

Friends and memories!


Discipline in full force!!! Well, for fun anyway!

Fresh bread made right there and butter also freshly made, mmmmmm.

Thankful for Mrs. R! She organized it all!!

Heading home after a long hot day...

We learned a basic waltz/dance that was accompanied by a fiddler in our group! So fun to watch and for those dancing the laughter just kept on going.

Standing, lots of standing and waiting until you were allowed to sit.
The teacher made sure you were clean!! Ready to learn.

Bringing the past into our life is a crucial component to our school on a daily basis. So living it was even better! We were living history and experiencing all the village had to offer. Instead of just a two hour tour, we had four days to live and breathe it all. From the Mill to the print shop.
Thanks to all the moms working to make it possible!