Monday, August 27, 2012


Honestly I think the entire lake heard me yell, "Christopher, you did it!" Some people have a natural gift of just kind of picking things up. Well, that would be our eldest son at this particular moment. Duncan suggested he give barefooting a try. He agreed calmly and took on the instructions and the wetsuit and well, the rest is in the spray! Second attempt and he was up. I don't think he truly knew he was even footing until we were screaming and he looked and hence the excited look!
Are these things important in life? No, really they are not what makes the life of a christian full. It is all in Jesus. But we celebrated Chris and the gifts God has given him. The time we spent together as a family boating and cottaging. We uncovered many truths while away together. We are creating memories and drawing closer as a family experiencing things I never thought we would. For that I am thankful.
As Heather just blogged about divine moments, I too agree. God has given us these days and we are to rejoice and be thankful!
I so loved watching him foot. He was in shock!  We giggled and had fun enjoying the moment!
Katie soaking up time with Daddio..honking the horn endlessly and touching every single button. Daddio finally passed her back to me! (ha ha)


Proud older brother cheering wakeboarding younger brother on to bigger jumps!
Paul visiting! Married this weekend! So happy for you both...
Sweetness of Samantha

Adorable Sara
The man made barricade for Katie! Love this one!
Love this pic

Sunsets, one of my favourite moments to observe

the place we reside for what seems like a blink in time


Thanks Paul for taking this pic and the one below!!1

memories made


love the zoom lens, they don't know I am capturing a moment

one of my fav pics of the summer, a hug for Jack at MW near the snack bar I call it!!!
I think I posted this already, but I found it again and had to add it~

Me and my boo!

The war on the 25 yr old wind surfing board. Always crazy!
Determined to do a watersport and knee boarding it is!
More memories of summer 2012 to come....
Thankful, so thankful.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady will be missed

I found Lady at the Humane Society over fourteen years ago. She was gentle, beautiful and cozy just what I was looking for that day. I spent a long time going through the cats making sure that I would find the perfect one. See, dear hubby was not exactly a cat lover, but he knew that I loved cats so I promised I would find keeper, we did.
Every time we had a baby she made it known that initially bugged her. So, she would find a place to, well, pee. Yes we lost a mattress, hockey bags, kids stuff and oh yes on my wedding dress that had not been boxed yet. Needless to say we cleaned it and boxed it after that. She was mad! Who could blame her. Someone else had come into the house to take her place five times! When Katie was born she jumped into the moses basket on the floor in front of me and just looked at me and made her mess.
Enough of the negative...she was truly an amazing cat. Thinking of another cat like her is hard to imagine. She loved people and tolerated every child that ever came over to hug her and hunt her down! She would even let the girls dress her up in American Girl clothes!!!

Jack said his good bye

She loved my shoulder

one of her favourite spots was in Katie's room on her couch. I would do the bedtime or nap routine with Lady right there! Always.....
Katie loved her!

Even Chris who would say he does not put cats up there as a fav pet, thought she was a great cat. He said goodbye

She would sleep on your face if you let her!! Here she was so cozy with Katie!

Lady, a wonderful cat we were blessed to have. Her health failed and we made the decision. First time I have ever had to do that. It was harder than I imagined. For her, it was the best decision.
She will be missed.

Sweet Memories up north,

....time at muskoka woods was a gift...we are so thankful that God is changing lives through such an incredible place for young people.....
Giving back our time is one way of showing our gratitude for the mark this place left on our lives. Praying always for this place and the people....

Forty and Fab!! Weekend Away!

So what can I say to my dear LP friends!? Thanks for so many things??!! Yes I could begin there, at the beginning - grade six actually. That is where this group began! We have so many treasured memories and this weekend we shared together recently to celebrate our friendship is yet another wonderful memory we have together. I could write about so many things...but I will let the camera tell parts of our hilarious weekend!

Glorious weather, wonderful friends, fabulous food and drink, amazing location and fellowship and conversation that changes us for the better....

The hostess of our fab forty weekend!


Glorious sunsets to soak in

Yes, I was in charge of softening the butter. I guess I heard melt the butter!!! Oops! Nice one Mudge!

Aah, the chair that offered a spot to fellowship, read and enjoy cool drinks

  So, MK thank you for creating these shirts and hats for all of us to wear and remember this weekend! Love your creativity and thought behind this plan! NICE!

We had friends visit, furry ones thanks to our generosity! So this reminds us of the wee little critters that enjoyed an appy on us!

Beautiful Vendy!!

Lovely Bridger!

 OOH LA LA! Deep in coversation about the next really tough activity of our day!

Serve it up girl!

Who needs a smore? We had what we needed!

Cheers ladies to a feast with friends!

Oh, another one please said adorable Amy!

Love the shots with double chins, had to put that one in there anyway!

The opening of the fab shirts and hats! Who needed any other clothing all weekend!?

Just some of the beauty around your cottage MK

Our night lights for wonderful conversation!

Dock time

Breakfast was full of goodies thanks of some heavenly baking by Mrs. B! Loved it all!!!!

No, there were no vegetarians available, only carnivores present! The perfect steak night, mmmmm.....

Another animal friend surprised us with a visit, later brought two fawns! WOW!

Food editors watch out, we had elegant cuisine!!!

What a weekend to enjoy and remember for years to come. We have already made plans for 2013. Ladies, I am so thankful for you. You bring me joy in precious ways that only friends can do! Thanking God for giving me time with you, uninterrupted by the way!!!? That is part of what made this weekend a unique time. Love ya all!