Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bless, Protect, Enable,Provide

That is what God did today. He blessed, protected, enabled and provided. Our oldest was exiting the shower and the door jammed. I ran up to see what the yelling was all about and as I started to open the door, the glass fell in toward him and a million pieces of glasses flew all around us. He screamed, I screamed, he jumped, I grabbed and held and cried with him. He was okay, and miraculously walked away with lots of little cuts and one big one on his toe. He jumped just in time and thankfully I was wearing flip flops that prevented my feet from being cut (thank you fly lady, if you know her you will know what I mean!)
Today was another reminder that our moments are so special. Each one we are given and in any moment our life could be taken. Today I was reminded that God knew of this event already and we were in His loving hands. I am so thankful that Daddy could rush home and walk us through this morning event. I have a huge headached now and a boy with a memory of shattered glass, but he still played hockey tonight and is safe asleep in his bed. Thank you Lord for my children. We made it through.

Friday, January 22, 2010

He loves to play and he plays hard. Over the year he has learned valuable life lessons and will take these with him for years to come. What I love is the routine that Dad has with our eldest. Simply, they pray prior to each game and commit his playing to the one who gave him the ability. We are thankful and love to watch him play (okay I might bite my nails a bit when he jumps on for his shift!)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What am I truly thankful for?

When I have a moment to reflect on what matters most I am usually introduced to one of four little people in my home! Not always quiet here, they are what matters most. I know that, I think we all do. So, what happens when I start to matter more. Someone asked me today, "What about me time?" I answered quite differently than I would have even three or four years ago. I basically said that I am fulfilled and satisfied. I am filled, I feel full. I am not always cool like a cucumber, but I know that it is well with my soul. I know that this 'full' and 'satisfaction' is a gift from God. He is filling me and enabling me to look beyond my thoughts that can lead me astray. He is the one that orders my day. When my house is not in order I look back and I can almost trace it to lack of prayer, time alone with Him or alone with my kids. Okay, how is that possible, you are with them all day??!! Well, it is. They can be independent and work diligently and be off on to the next project (which could be a mini-sticks tournament) and I can be very busy. doing what? Well, temporary stuff that does not mean much when you look at time alone with each child in a special way. I have to be intentional as any parent does to build on relationships. We have been created as relational beings. We can't deny that! We need to be intentional about time with God and with the people that He has placed in our lives.
Friday, I want to be intentional about my relationships!! You too?

Creative Sisters

"Don't throw it away, I need that box!" yells one of the gang. I get that all the time. You name, they create it and S did that with the pizza box. I have learned to throw away when they are not looking. That did not happen this time. I was caught in the act of recycling. Well, needless to say we still have colourful boxes here full of stuffed animals and cut out windows. I love to see them just have fun.
Now, toddler girl would paint daily (hourly actually!) if I had the energy to clean up and set up endlessly. Although a mess with lots of clean up and a watchful eye necessary, she truly spends more time painting than anything else (okay, Max and Ruby might win here!) I can set her up and she creates for a long time. I took these while the pink was the choice of colours!! Pretty in pink we shall say.
I heard someone say once..."Your calling is written on the desires of your heart, that is your calling"
So I ask myself, "what are my desires and how are they manifest in my daily life?" A reminder for me to always be aware of what is in my heart. What words have I soaked my heart with today? Psalm 28:7
Blessed Day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sledding = science class and PE

After a full school morning and gymnastics for the girls (thanks to my mom for being the supply teacher for the boys this am!) we ate lunch and off we went to the vacant hill nearby. A little science (studying the properties of snow and the physics of the glide down the hill!) and phys-ed we called it a day with a DVD about Monet!
Rather appropriate considering we just spent a day at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The king Tut exhibit was there (among other paintings and art of course!) I have to say, being there affirms God's hand in all of the works of art we saw. He is the true creator and has given countless individuals a gift of artistic expression! Amazing!! I stood in awe of paintings and I literally felt my heart start to race and goose bumps on my arms. You could almost hear the voices of the people in the paintings. We observed 15th century art from Europe that was gruesome and full of death, at the same time incredibly moving!! Art does funny things to people. We must go back again!!!
I feel blessed beyond measure when we have days like these...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Reptile Crazy

Yes, she is in the house. Her name is Mandy (will change I can say that with confidence!) She is warmly welcomed by our crew and the two other gecko's in the house. The kids have a breed and sell. Hmm, I don't think this is petsmart or reptilia, but we do have something coming I think! Funny, never thought I would have them in our home or on my arm walking around the house, or feeding wax worm and meal worms, or finding crickets in the basement (found one today!) But, the kids are really enjoying this and so are we!!
Uncle B was with us Christmas Eve and Day and what a blast! As you can see Daddio and B put together crazy forts for the kids to wake up to, that was cool.
Truly a blessing to have such a great brother and amazing Uncle to our kids (and the other cousins!) he made our Christmas very memorable.
Almost done Crazy Love and can't wait to tell you all about it. You will want to have it for yourself!