Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moments that make me smile...

Christopher's first entry to a photo contest!

Attempts at picking up bananas!

Oh, the carrot stained mouth!

Anatomy lesson number two! The skeleton!!!

Big brother fixing her up!

building our teepee!!!!

Six wheelin around town...


Growing up quickly, enjoying picnic table time..

Always something going on here!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A tribute night! A celebration to remember...

It begins with the tie!

                                                                A coat of honour!!

                                                        Two sons honour their father,
                                                        A 47 year career and turning 70!
We had a night out to celebrate with family and friends!

Katie adored by all!

Papa's quartet, a song to remember! So beautiful to hear them sing!!!

The grandkids!! (just missing Katie, she was asleep

More to come on a night at The Old Mill.
70 yrs old
47 yrs in the meat business
A man the loves God
A man that adores his family and friends!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wildy searching

I took a moment and just looked up at the startlingly brilliant blue sky. The wind was silent, the weather vane still. I felt as though I was still. Does that resonate with you too? There are not many still moments through a day unless you are intentional about it. I stood and looked at the motionless rooster perched on our roof and was thankful. As the first week of school ended with the second beginning so quickly I needed this time to remember to just be still, soak in the quiet and stop wildly searching for comes in unexpected ways as a gift from God. He knows what we need.

Wildly searching for nature and beauty I found it in the precious purple flowers that ususally end up in our kitchen.
 Wildy searching I found the last of the flowers leaning out from the hosta plans still breathing a few last breaths.

                                   Wildly searching vibrant red rests against the forest floor.

 Searching intentionally I find the beautiful, creative handiwork of our creator. He displays his majesty all around and when I stop and look I am humbled. I love to search wildly to photograph the endless gift of nature. But that is all meaningless when I don't acknowledge just who gave it to me at that moment when I was simply still.