Thursday, April 29, 2010

sweet bunny

There he was, all alone in the garage! Yes, they found hopper hopping along the garage. He was so tiny and so alone. They carefully followed him and found a blanket to wrap him in and take care of him for a period of time. Then we realized he was not alone. There were more brothers and sisters!! We found the nest in our front yard under a tree, lots of ground cover to hide them! What a find, seriously one of the most adorable and exciting moments here. The hardest part was letting him go so the mother could take care of him. Many a tear was shed as they had to let go. My heart broke. They wanted to make a bunny hutch and care for all of them. The time they had with hopper will stay in their memories for years to come. For me it was another reminder of how good God is in so many wonderul ways. This was a morning when Dunc was in the er (turns out he had emergency gall bladder surgery to follow! That is another blog entry to come!!) so the bunny came at the right time to fill our kids hearts with joy and wonder. I was so thankful for the bunny. God showed up at our home in such a creative way to sustain us all, love it!!!
So, bunny is back in his nest and now their job is watchman. We have many cats around that keep on peeking in and bugging the poor bunnies. They run out and chase the cats away! Funny to watch. Right now I can't help but thinking of how we are cared for. God so intentionally loves us and cares for us. We are never alone and always in his loving hands.
I am thankful for His truth and how His words in the bible penetrate my soul. As I read through the Psalms I am always wowed by the words of the Psalmist. So real, so perfectly describing my heart and needs. A comfort and gift as our family walks through life.

Grateful for bunnies, sweet  bunnies!!! 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Proverbs 14: 27
The fear of the Lord is the fountain of life...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

picture perfect

quietly Chris made his way down to the water and waited patiently for the perfect shot. He was there about five minutes, waiting. He was anticipating the arrival of the ducks. It seemed as though the geese owned the rock, but apparently the ducks won them over and joined in the moment. The best part of this was after he was done this photo shoot he said, "Mom, this was almost perfect I just needed a bluejay, cardinal and a robin!"
He was shocked that all the fine feathered friends congregated together and let him take pictures. I love his enthusiasm for these moments. He intentionlly seeks out these unique moments. I am grateful for a camera to tell his story and what is on his mind!

Flower shop - open for business

Leave it to Sam to explore our garden and set up shop. She made her way around the house carefully selecting the most colourful flowers and unique blades of grass! She found an old picinic basket (from a wedding shower only a few years ago, I know you have one in your basement too!) Well I had old sewing scraps in it and we emptied and she took off. Even our play money came out! The best part was Sara being her faithful customer, oh and the watermelon in a bowl for sale! So not only did you leave with a bouquet of flowers, you had refreshments as well!

Psalm 127:3 was very clear on my mind this day, that children are a heritage from the Lord. They are a blessing and a great reward!

To watch the girls interact with flowers and a basket was worth every moment (as I sipped my coffee and made my purchases too!) I savour these moments because not long from that moment do I hear the call of the wild (as I call it lately) that a sibling issue has arrived and the ref is off to send someone to the penalty box!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Princess Party, God style!

Heart shaped cupcakes (or pupcakes as Sara calls them!), fresh fruit, teacups, polka dot napkins, flowers, hot glue gun, stickers, and lots of talk about how God made each one special. Put it altogether and you have our first princess party. Today was a day to honour Samantha's friends that live down the road. Why have a party? Just to let them each know how special they are to God. We had a blast. Eating special treats, games, crafts and the best part reading , 'The Princess and the Kiss' by Jennie Bishop. Look her up and you will see the unique ministry she has, a gift for so many! Each girl was able to take home their own copy of the book along with the workbook to enjoy at home with their families. We laughed, we played and enjoyed being girls. Truly, Samantha enjoyed it more than any party I think we have had for her. All the prep that leads up to a party is sometimes the most exciting part. She has a natural ability to serve others and loves to do it. She selected the best markers (because you know we have so many, we had to find the ones that worked the best!), set everything out and made it look pretty. I am so proud of her.
I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have this time with the girls. May God use it to His glory!

ps sorry Lady (our very patient cat) she was in on the party too!!

Friends on Ice

Hard to believe that ice will turn into sun and sand for Bryn as he leaves for his new job very south of here!! He will be a pastor and continue the call God has on his life, just a little further away!
The big boys played a big boy game of hockey last night in honour of him and enjoyed every minute of scoring on him too! Love that! Nice to see all of them at an arena for their own fun this time, not the kids!
Dunc is truly a friend that gives and encourages. I have so enjoyed their friendship deepen spiritually over the years and I know it will continue to. Bryn and family we will miss you, but we will be knocking on your door sooner than you think! Praying for you all...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mommy, I want to help!

When she saw the eggs come out of the fridge she was on the chair at the table with spoon in hand and ready to help. She is eager and attentive to help and create. It is amazing, she want to stir and crack eggs daily! What I see deeper than the stirring is her precious heart that wants to help mommy. I have her the bowl of brownie batter and the spoon and turned by back thinking she would do what she normally does, stir and then watch me pour the batter into the muffins cups. Well, today she did it all and I actually let her! I knew it would be a mess and lots of clean up, but she was so happy and SO proud of herself. She did it and what a moment. She explored and succeeded! I love kitchens and all that happens there! There are times I am not in love with the pile of dishes, but today I was in love with what the kitchen represents.

Painting in the Rain

Well on rainy days we are indoors a lot, but today we took time to be outside under our tent on the deck. They found rocks at Rattray Marsh and determined at the park they would create something cool. Samantha said today, "Mom, this is what I have always wanted to do!" I had commented on the colour choice and the brush strokes and she (as though she were much older!) spoke with such determination I was speechless! Funny moment. The boys loved creating unique rocks. It was the best part of our day! Calm, peaceful and creative!! 

Another Day to Walk with Him

Sibling cozy time

Hardy Boys and a gecko, what more could a boy want for S.Q.U.I.R.T
(super quiet uninterrupted independant reading time)

Just a fantastic face

Bubbles, Star Wars and light sabres!! love it

God has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

We can do that! Be just, merciful and humble by His Grace

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Days together

hmm, just time together!

Remembering the Cross

Reflecting on wonderful moments spent with family, hunting for some goodies (as you can see from my giddy son above!), creating crosses and taking communion together leave me with joyous memories.
We started our day reading the last part of the Easter Story from the bible at breakfast this morning and loved listening to our pastor remind of the beautiful fact that Christ Died For Our Sins and was Raised!

I am so thankful for days like today. It was sunny, warm and full of family!