Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Festivities Mac Style!

Sometimes I feel that this season is all about the, "what am I gonna get?" I admit it, we get and we give! But during this season we made time to integrate Jesus through it all. We bought candles for advent and the candles had floral scents (very smelly!) from the dollar store and our wee one walked around at home with with all of the candles constantly and many times it would irritate me and then I would realize that I was then thinking of Christ and what the candles meant for each Sunday leading to Christmas! Glad to have the reminder and stop getting frustrated at little things.

We also were given this incredible advent calendar. Unlike any I have ever seen. A friend at church made it and truly you have to see it to believe it! Hand made and follows the month of December with a symbol and verse for each day. A significant journey to putting Christ first every day. I am going to ask her is she makes more, you may want one if you see it! If I get permission I will take a picture and add it to my blog! I am so thankful that I had this gift given to me at such a time! It really helped our children understand the significance of our relationship with Christ. I could do it all over in January and probably should!!

Quick book review:

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I am only on page 31 and I am overwhelmed with emotion and joy all at once reading and listening to the excitement Chan has for Christ. What I love so far is the integration of his web site and the reading of the book. Twice so far he directs the reader to navigate the site and listen to a short talk from Chan. Such a great way to engage the reader! I am so on board. I can't wait to dig in further and continue soaking in this book. I intend to finish it soon and review it in full later!


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Heather said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the book and seeing the calendar.