Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sammy the Snail By Allie MacPhail - Book Review

Sammy the Snail

written by:

 Allie MacPhail and Illustrated by Allie Rutland

Beautiful Scars

Sammy arrived ready with a story to tell. Little did I know that Sammy and his friends would change me in a precious, tender way.

Giddy, I sat in  my local coffee shop with the book fresh from the post office ready to be soaked in at every angle. First of all the graphics are absolutely perfect for this story. The colour choices and softness of the designs add such a strong emotion to the book that is already taking place with the text. Allie Rutland allowed us to visualize Sammy exactly how we needed to for the story to reach our hearts.

Scars are what make us who we are, if we allow it. Allie carried us along on a journey and beautifully reminded the reader that, " Grain by by day..."  we can chip away at the build up of hurt that can halt us. Instead of holding on to the hurt, create something that moves others.

As I turned each page eagerly awaiting what Sammy would do with his scars, I thought of my own scars and whether or not I have used them to inspire others. Sammy did. The journey that Sammy was on did not happen without thought, time and someone else coming along side of him. We all need that support. Finding others to walk you through the challenges in life takes time, but is worth the wait and the effort.

Sammy the brave snail stopped analyzing his scars and worrying what others will think. His new friend assured him that all things can be made new, in time in her own unique way.

Darkness consumes when we stay where we are, alone and hurting. Opening up allows a glimmer of hope to come forth. Children are often the ones that get caught in the frenzy of pain and have limited abilities to deal with turmoil. This book allows for children (the young reader) to see another way to deal with pain and see the hope in  healing. Teachers and parents need this book in their library!

We all can be hidden in our own scars or be the one who leads others to a healing place. Which one are you today? Sammy the Snail will touch your scars and lead you to a better place.

Allie I can't wait for the next fantastic book to add to my shelves! Thank you for the privilege of owning such wonderful literature.

Interview with the author to come soon!


Heather said...

Aw, sounds beautiful!
Will have to get that one!

gmudge said...

Here's another try - like being introduced to books of a known author. Your review is great....whet our appetites.
Love, mom

Allie MacPhail said...

Sandee.. I apologize for just reading this now.. what a beautiful review. thank you. I trust your books reviews so very much and to be included in this blog touches my heart. Thank you!