Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It is all about the heart!

Being a mom has taken me to the heart of the matter. Not just my heart my children's hearts. I have never desired to take a loving hold of their hearts more than I have now. The latest book I am reading (from so many that line the shelf, or should I say pile up around the places I sit to read to the kids) is a book by Tedd Tripp, Shepparding a Child's Heart. I have come to the realization after so many years of parenting it comes down to capturing the hearts of our children and giving ours to them, simultaneuosly. They have mine, I have theirs. Sounds like an ideal world. Oh, so easy to do. Well, no on the contrary. It takes all you are and all you will be to have this somewhat 'ideal' situation. NO family is perfect, but if your heart is truly searching to Glorify Christ and lead your children the way God has laid out for us in the Bible, we can do it. It does mean dying to self every day and realizing that it is not about you, not about you. It is about serving. Just how Christ came to serve and not be served. I serve (as mom's do) DAILY and often without a neon sign saying, "Thanks mom" But I find that more than ever I am not overtly creating situations where I hear what I want to hear!! I serve to serve simply because Christ served. I love simply because He loved me first. Essentially, that is my day. Does this mean it is easy and I don't pull my hair out? Okay I have more lines on the face, a few more gray hairs etc, but what I can say is the best part of my day to sum up my bursting heart right now: I sat with the kids today reading from our Christians and Heroes series about Cameron Townsend and I was cuddling beside my eldest and holding his hand too for a brief time. All I can say is my heart was full and I know what I am doing and why. That solidifies decisions about what I am doing. We are connected from the moment we rise until we rest our heads. Thank you God for the gift of sharing our hearts! I love what I do and I strive to do what God calls me to do daily. It is not easy, it is difficult and there is ALWAYS something to distract me from my kids and my purpose during the day. As I reflect on the day, yes I am tired (aren't we all) from doctor appointments to math and english, but we are all on this journey together (even the journey of Sara missing the potty and cleaning up the MOUND of number two, didn't know she had it in her!!) Bless you my friends!


Heather said...

This brings tears to my eyes.
Thanks, Nellie.
Looove the pic of Jack.

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