Monday, July 20, 2009

What they do at the cottage...

walkers of the cottage roads in search of ?

Hunters of anything creepy and slimy

Flower picker

Bird watcher

Keen observer

Finder of pieces of bark

Tree huggers

sunset dreamers

Deep thinker

The wonders of the outdoors invites us to see God's amazing hand in this world. I love to watch the kids enjoy the simple yet extravagant creatures, flowers, fish etc and just be amazed and scream with excitement. Samantha could open a flower shop, Chris and Jack could have their own reptile show (yes they found a snake just ask Nana and Grammy how interesting that was!) Sara could teach you how to enjoy just picking up sticks and pine cones and watching them float in the lake and you would be just an enamoured as she!
We are home now from our three weeks and God always has something for us to learn, the good, the hard and the beautiful. Psalm 103 is our summer Psalm and we are taking time to read through it and write it down together. I am thankful we are home safely and thankful to take time to reflect on what life brings!

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Heather said...

gorgeous shots again!
you make Balsam look amazing!