Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long Walks

These moments will always be etched in my memory, just walking. The kids always point out the unique, grotesque, beautiful and hilarious on the simplest of walks! I am thankful they see what I miss. Lately I feel I am missing so much! We are hard at work and I am trying to find the balance between the workbooks, spelling tests, history books and finding bugs! Yes, bugs of all sorts are always welcome guests, just not the wasp that landed on me today - no sting, but I sure did the ridiculous mom dance while the furnace/AC guy was checking out the AC unit outside. Always fun to have an audience when you least desire it!
That brings me to my next heart issue - I have an audience of four 24/7 and they witness pretty much everything. The phone that rings that I have to let go, the coffee cups that litter the home because I did not finish it again and needed a new one when I popped upstairs cause I like 'em hot! The eyes that shut when they know I am about to get a wee bit annoyed. The wonderment in their eyes when I say we are done for the day. My children witness more than I care to blog about. That is my life, raw and beautifully designed by a loving all knowing God. I am thankful I can give it all to him and know that even though I mess up and am not all in the moment the woman I desire to be, I am forgiven and by Grace I am save. Thank the Lord!

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Heather said...

Wow. Well said. This is my life in a nutshell :) They certainly do witness a lot we don't want them to see but you're right, by God's grace, they see some great stuff too! He's working on us, Girlfriend!