Thursday, January 14, 2010

What am I truly thankful for?

When I have a moment to reflect on what matters most I am usually introduced to one of four little people in my home! Not always quiet here, they are what matters most. I know that, I think we all do. So, what happens when I start to matter more. Someone asked me today, "What about me time?" I answered quite differently than I would have even three or four years ago. I basically said that I am fulfilled and satisfied. I am filled, I feel full. I am not always cool like a cucumber, but I know that it is well with my soul. I know that this 'full' and 'satisfaction' is a gift from God. He is filling me and enabling me to look beyond my thoughts that can lead me astray. He is the one that orders my day. When my house is not in order I look back and I can almost trace it to lack of prayer, time alone with Him or alone with my kids. Okay, how is that possible, you are with them all day??!! Well, it is. They can be independent and work diligently and be off on to the next project (which could be a mini-sticks tournament) and I can be very busy. doing what? Well, temporary stuff that does not mean much when you look at time alone with each child in a special way. I have to be intentional as any parent does to build on relationships. We have been created as relational beings. We can't deny that! We need to be intentional about time with God and with the people that He has placed in our lives.
Friday, I want to be intentional about my relationships!! You too?


The Maretzki Family said...

Wow-what a great encouragment!

Heather said...

Wow, this is so true, eh? Things have changed so much for us over the past few years. Glad to be taking this journey with you, my Friend :)

Heather said...

I love this photo, by the way!

gmudge said...

Great reflective thinking Sandee. You matter to God even more than your kids matter to you. Relationships are our crux of life. You are building wonderful structures in your family.
oxoxox M o M xoxoxox