Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marriage and Highlights

Today I was discussing marriage, life and family with the lady that highlights my hair. It always amazes me the conversations one can have while doing relatively simple things. I had another unique converstion with a lady at the check-out at Metro. What do you think we spoke about? Marriage! Call it coincidence? No, I know that there was a divine reason. Both situations allowed for wonderful interaction. The first chat had a brief interruption from someone saying hello to, well I will call her my highlighter!! See, she was recently married and only just returned 2 weeks ago. She is young, happily married, taking her husbands name, thrilled to be living together in the same place etc. This interruption went like this, "Oh you are back! Wow, how was the wedding?" quizzed friendly person. "It was just perfect!!" highlighter beamed. "Are you divorced yet? inquired friendly person.
Stunned she said her goodbye and continued with my hair. After she was out of ear shot she turned to me and said, "I bet that you are cursing under your breath!" Actually I wasn't! Although she knows me well enought that I would see that as an unfortunate comment considering the recent marrige! I said to her I was saddened by the friendly lady and her harsh expectations. Highlighter said that she gets that all the time (okay they have been marriend two weeks thank you!!) Our converstation  continued to shed light on how quickly divorce comes about and how unlikely it is for people to say together, despite the odds we seem to face. Highligher also was frustrated from the lack of support for decisions she made, one being the name change. She wants to be one family, one name and love the idea. She does not feel support. She commented that her friends expect support when they make decisions why does she seem to be lacking here!! Wow, talk about highlighting marriage today!!!!

It was great to talk to both of these women and lift up the beauty of marriage. God created and and it is good!!
The roses above are from my man. He cherishes me and reminds me in tangible ways, like a rose (well more than one!) I am thankful that he makes our marriage amazing!


The Maretzki Family said...

I love how you can sprinkle "salt" in your conversation with other people while you are getting your hair done!

Sisters said...

Hey Auntie Sandee!
FINALLY I can get on your blog!!! For the whole time I was following another sgm person! Whoops :P :Z !
I typed in sgm.blogspot.com not sandeeglo.blogspot.com! Weird eh! Well now I JUST figured it out.