Friday, March 19, 2010

We arrived!

Our journey has been so wonderful so far! We enjoyed the first part of the trip with our pastor and his family. They are in Indiana this weekend so we stopped for coffee, lunch and enjoyed laughing on the road! After we parted way in Lansing MI, we enjoyed our first hotel visit and pool craziness. Nice new Holiday Inn and a huge room! We all slept so well! I picked up Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and what a hoot!! The kids loved it and I have to say I miss those movies and I am so happy to see the kids love it and laugh.

Okay, Syd I know you are reading this so get your mom!! Okay, Paula I have to say that you have to get down here so you can behold these beautiful children Charm has now added to her family. I have held Mary and I did not want to let her go. She warmed up to me right away and held my hand and Peter is such a dear (just what mom would say). I know you will come in time, but make is snappy!!!! Okay you are off the hook for now because you are having another baby. After that though, pack your bags girl.

So, the boys are off dirt biking and Charm and I are having coffee and chocolate (of course!) Mallory and Samantha are playing everything under the sun, have so much fun. Sara is napping and will wake soon.

What a blessing to be here. I am so thankful for our wonderfully diverse family. I think of all my sibs and love how God has changed us, moved us and allowed us to experience such rich lives. I feel so blessed!!!

More updates later....

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The Maretzki Family said...

You're right, I am reading this! And you're also right that we should be there REALLY soon!!!!