Sunday, August 21, 2011

She is turning eight, she is a gift!

Her birthday arrived early and somewhat unexptected. A kitten has always been on the top of her list of must-haves (well a horse too, that would take a bit more than I can handle right now!). We have had plans but it just never was the right time. Well, the weekend came and so did the right time. From  a fruit farm on the way up north this week seven week old doll of a kitten lay sweetly sleeping in a cage wih a hand written sign that said FREE!! We both walked up to her, touched her and we both knew. However, it was not time to take her then. There was a period of waiting - two days. I was in touch with my hubby (out of town) to confirm this furry kitty.was a sure thing! We walked out and in the arms of a very sweet, caring and diligent girl.
Welcome to our home. Her name has changed a few time! For now we affectionatly call her Brownie!

Sweet and precious! I will always remember this moment!

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