Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wildy searching

I took a moment and just looked up at the startlingly brilliant blue sky. The wind was silent, the weather vane still. I felt as though I was still. Does that resonate with you too? There are not many still moments through a day unless you are intentional about it. I stood and looked at the motionless rooster perched on our roof and was thankful. As the first week of school ended with the second beginning so quickly I needed this time to remember to just be still, soak in the quiet and stop wildly searching for comes in unexpected ways as a gift from God. He knows what we need.

Wildly searching for nature and beauty I found it in the precious purple flowers that ususally end up in our kitchen.
 Wildy searching I found the last of the flowers leaning out from the hosta plans still breathing a few last breaths.

                                   Wildly searching vibrant red rests against the forest floor.

 Searching intentionally I find the beautiful, creative handiwork of our creator. He displays his majesty all around and when I stop and look I am humbled. I love to search wildly to photograph the endless gift of nature. But that is all meaningless when I don't acknowledge just who gave it to me at that moment when I was simply still.

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