Monday, September 19, 2011

A tribute night! A celebration to remember...

It begins with the tie!

                                                                A coat of honour!!

                                                        Two sons honour their father,
                                                        A 47 year career and turning 70!
We had a night out to celebrate with family and friends!

Katie adored by all!

Papa's quartet, a song to remember! So beautiful to hear them sing!!!

The grandkids!! (just missing Katie, she was asleep

More to come on a night at The Old Mill.
70 yrs old
47 yrs in the meat business
A man the loves God
A man that adores his family and friends!!


Heather said...

How special that we both celebrated our fathers-in-law's 70 birthdays this month! Of course, because our lives are paralleled in so many ways :)

gmudge said...

Great sampling of pics and comments on a memorable evening. Well done Sandee. Just wished we hadn't missed it.Love you, MOM