Friday, November 16, 2012


Katie will run by almost unaware by the cupboard that leads to the zone of 'endless kitcheny things' , you know soaps, dish racks, compost bins, cleaners and so on! But when she does stop, out go the huge rubber gloves on her teeny hands...and I laugh! She cracks me up! Tonight I prayed with Jack and was thankful for this bright light that Katie is to our family. I am so thankful for her funny ways and cozy cuddles...see below
Cuddles, they do this almost daily!!

Bye for now! Maybe this is a good Christmas gift idea!! Who would have thought....
Wednesday mornings has been a wonderful blessing to me. We are studing Nehemiah by Kelly Minter. What a great book. I have never studied Nehemiah like this before and am so thankful for the way she is walking us through understanding so many truths.
Sometimes I walk by the obvious and when I go back and dig in, I learn and grow. Thankful for those times! Check out her study on Nehemiah, so worth it!!


Sue said...

We just finished up Nehemiah too Sandee. Wasn't it great?! So cool too... you & your Mom could compare notes on the study... as if you were still with us at Abide! Missing you xo

TC Harris said...

She is just too cute!!!