Friday, September 11, 2009

First Week of School

First day of school, a trip to the Zoo with cousins! Full day and fun!

As I reflect on our week all I can say (before I fall asleep!) right now is just how proud I am of my children. We began our journey into a new year, new curriculum and a new outlook. They have all embraced the new and used the old as a platform for growth. Our days are full and busy and fulfilling, I have no regrets. Yes there have been moments, thank you Charmaine for praying with me on the phone hour one, day one of the new year! Sisters are such a blessing.
This brings me to the sister photos above. I love how Samantha is teaching Sara the beauty of flower picking and placing in the hair! It was such a sweet moment!!
We took time today to enjoy Streetsville, picked up a cupcake (or two), a coffee and a walk along the credit river. Simple and amazing!!


Mark and Charmaine said...

LOVE these pictures.....

Heather said...

Great pics.
Sara's face is hysterical!
Sisters are great!