Thursday, April 29, 2010

sweet bunny

There he was, all alone in the garage! Yes, they found hopper hopping along the garage. He was so tiny and so alone. They carefully followed him and found a blanket to wrap him in and take care of him for a period of time. Then we realized he was not alone. There were more brothers and sisters!! We found the nest in our front yard under a tree, lots of ground cover to hide them! What a find, seriously one of the most adorable and exciting moments here. The hardest part was letting him go so the mother could take care of him. Many a tear was shed as they had to let go. My heart broke. They wanted to make a bunny hutch and care for all of them. The time they had with hopper will stay in their memories for years to come. For me it was another reminder of how good God is in so many wonderul ways. This was a morning when Dunc was in the er (turns out he had emergency gall bladder surgery to follow! That is another blog entry to come!!) so the bunny came at the right time to fill our kids hearts with joy and wonder. I was so thankful for the bunny. God showed up at our home in such a creative way to sustain us all, love it!!!
So, bunny is back in his nest and now their job is watchman. We have many cats around that keep on peeking in and bugging the poor bunnies. They run out and chase the cats away! Funny to watch. Right now I can't help but thinking of how we are cared for. God so intentionally loves us and cares for us. We are never alone and always in his loving hands.
I am thankful for His truth and how His words in the bible penetrate my soul. As I read through the Psalms I am always wowed by the words of the Psalmist. So real, so perfectly describing my heart and needs. A comfort and gift as our family walks through life.

Grateful for bunnies, sweet  bunnies!!! 


Heather said...

Oh, how precious! We had the same experience last week. Definitely God-ordained moments for our children to learn His love and sharing it with His creation.

The Maretzki Family said...

How cute! And neat to see God in all His ways.

Allie MacPhail said...

how wonderful! I am not sure I could have let him go..but keep taking pictures for us!

Allie MacPhail said...

how lovely!!! i am not sure i could have parted with him. take lots of pictures so we can see them grow!!

Sisters said...

We recently found two bunnies about the age of this one. We called about six animal hospitals and SPCAs and none of them would take them! They only take domestic animals.
We put them in a little nest we made, and put lettuce by it so the Mom would maybe hop over to eat the lettuce, and then see her babies.

We came back to check on them, and one of them, Gubilee (ju-bil-ee. Oliver named it) died by falling into a tree pot. It wasn't very far sown, but i think it twisted it's ankle or something.
The other one- Abbey- (i named this one) fell off our other (low) deck and we don't think it got hurt BADLY, but it didn't go otu of the nest we made for it, so it didn't get hurt.
We don't know where it is now, but we think the Mom found it, and it hopped off.

I'm sorry for such a long comment!
I am at Auntie Kathy's now.


gmudge said...

Hi Macgregors:
I am very behind in checking in on your blog. Forget. Must say it is a good way to pick up on what we miss saying to each other. Loved seeing the bunny story....
Touched by God's timing re Duncan/surgery; your new baby news; your house news. Our God reigns - in us, in you and our trust is in God together for your lives today and here's to the future. Many blessings and always lots of love to you our dear family.oxox mom oxox