Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friends on Ice

Hard to believe that ice will turn into sun and sand for Bryn as he leaves for his new job very south of here!! He will be a pastor and continue the call God has on his life, just a little further away!
The big boys played a big boy game of hockey last night in honour of him and enjoyed every minute of scoring on him too! Love that! Nice to see all of them at an arena for their own fun this time, not the kids!
Dunc is truly a friend that gives and encourages. I have so enjoyed their friendship deepen spiritually over the years and I know it will continue to. Bryn and family we will miss you, but we will be knocking on your door sooner than you think! Praying for you all...

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Bryn MacPhail said...

It was an awesome evening! So grateful for Duncan's thoughtfulness in putting the night together. The friendship of the Macgregors is precious to us! We look forward to hosting you in Paradise.