Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gall Bladders, Moving, Selling and the clear blue!

That is a title isn't it?! Well let me start by saying that I am so far behind on this blog journey. I miss sitting and reflecting on the simple events of my days to the complicated trials that impact truly for His glory. I need to write like I need a coffee! Pouring out my soul is what makes my life work. Wonderous words that can flow to soothe the soul.
Over this past five-six weeks our family has been on quite a journey. We have found a new house to call our home. Not far from this one now, but just far enough to be a whole new world with acres to explore. A stream for adventure and trees to tap syrup? Hey, if I get one bottle of syrup you are all coming over for a bite of a pancake. Call me crazy I already bought a DVD about a family that made syrup on their property! Then comes the ER visit for hubby. Turns out he was in for a day and a half for emergency gall bladder surgery. Then came recovery and extra help from family and friends and for me to kick in to overtime! He made it and has recovered quickly and very well.
Then out of the clear blue, I took a test and two lines appeared! You may know this fact already or not!! It is time to let you know. Now two months into our fifth baby we are counting our blessings and hanging on to the promises God gives us in His word. We are blessed and thankful. I am also tired, little sick and still can't believe that all this happened at the same time.
We move in a month and in the meantime we must do our best to sell this house. Keeping it tidy, the cat out of the way, geckos clean and a hamster that will actually stay in his cage! It helps if the kids close the door. He is an escape artist and he was gone for nine days. I found him this am in the furnace room eating lady's cat food!! He is safe in his home and ready to be cleaned.

The Lord is gracious and compassionate. I sense his peace and his out stretched hands over our family and I am thankful. We take it all a day at a time and know that He is in control!

thanks for reading and praying...


Heather said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found that little rodent! Time to relax now :)
Praying for the sale!

love, me

The Maretzki Family said...

WOOHOOO!!! Thank you God for finding the hamster!!!