Thursday, May 20, 2010

The very day I was in need of a centre piece for one of our showings, one came through the door ( I have flowers now 24/7!) I actually want fresh flowers all the time, but reality says that may not happen. But now I have every reason to keep our home sparkling and fresh with something blooming and lovely!! I have to say it makes a difference. I always buy the long lasting flowers that make it through for at least a week or more. White, off white and lots of greenery.
This calla lilly came on a  day (as I started to write...) from my dear neighbour Eleanor. Earlier in the day I had purchased a glass vase for our dining room table and wondered what I would add to it. I did not have to think long. I placed this in it, the perfect fit and look for that day! I can keep it beyond the table. When we move I can transplant it into our new garden and every year I can enjoy the precious flower and remember this gift from my friend. She did not know what I needed but was prompted and blessed me!
That is how it works. God prompts and you can be a part of blessing someone, daily! I have learned over the years the tug that gently moves my heart, or the thoughts that come to mind that are clearly God given and need action.
I am humbled by her act of kindness and inspired how wonderfully simple an action can be. If you are prompted, act on it and watch what happens!!

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Heather said...

You've said so many wonderful things about Eleanor to me. I know you'll really miss her when you move.