Tuesday, June 8, 2010


He loves the water, that is all there is to it. I love that he loves the water.  It is a place to relax, enjoy and it seems to command our attention toward our creator. This love for H2O is naturally a joy for our children too.
I always watch the spray from each pass he takes, for some reason each one is a different wall of water that relfects each turn. I can always tell when he may be slightly disappointed in a turn- less spray! Tonight I could not help but think of the corners I take in life and my spray, but not literally on the water, my everyday movements that others see and are affected by. Is God really driving my boat and am I allowing Him to really teach my how to take the corners. So often I am disappointed by 'my spray wall'. I am not leaving the trail of water the excites and inspires for His glory.
When I fall and hit the water (now this is literal!) I fall hard, the water is always up my nose and the bathing suit is somewhere and I feel as though I never want to ski again. But along comes my enourager and lovingly leads me toward the boat with calm instruction. Somehow I get back up again and ski on home. I am so thankful for my dear husband that guides and leads and enables me to get up and make that corner (with little spray ever!) but I do it how I was created and he helps me do what I am called to do.   Ski on my love and thanks for always picking me up out of the waters that we pass through


"M" and "C" said...

Well said, Sandee, well said....talk soon!

GM Piper said...

Love this post....you have good spray too!