Friday, June 4, 2010

Wading In

These past few months I have felt much like the picture above, standing at the shore looking out and simply waiting. Waiting to enter into something new but not on my time. I had to wade in slowly. I have had such a lesson in patience and perseverance (not ironic that our church has been talking in great length about persevering!!!) I love how God intentional ties in what he is trying to teach you by combining it with quiet times, sermons and words from the wise!
As I spoke to my dear friend today the term out of sinc came out in the conversation. I think that sums up perfectly how I have been feeling with life. I know that times like these God is reaching my soul to change me. Change does not come easily, it is hard work and letting go, even if the water is cold and you feel like you must wear boots to wade it!

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