Thursday, June 3, 2010

Moving on!

Last night we signed the last paper to finalize the deal, we are moving. To the hills we run!! In two weeks you may have to send a search party to actually get us on the phone. We will be wandering the acres looking for the property line. I still don't know where it ends. Once the boys take the dirt bike course I will leave it to them to find it!!

Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.

That is the verse I was given today. I am reading through Deuteronomy and the Psalms and was not even close to Psalm 126, but I sensed I needed to read it today. So, that verse will remain with me always as I think back to the past 6 wks. Baby #5, bought a house, sold a house, Duncan in for surgery, homeschooling in a normal fashion (is that possible!?)  and as of today dear friends leaving for a new phase in life. As I think of that ,I get so emotional. We love this family dearly and will miss them. Today my prayers are directed to them as they embark on this incredible journey. I know my dh (dear hubby) is not making plans Iike me, but I have already looked into a visit for September!

I am so thankful that God is the one that has the plans for us, that He knows what is best. I so often think I know better and quickly I am reminded He is in control. Not a negative thought at all, quite the opposite. Very peacful and hopeful.

Thanks to all for your love and prayers. Now, the packing begins!

I thought this was so appropriate as this little guy (Alex) was one of my little stressers over the past 6b wks. Oh, I know he looks so cute and fluffy...well when he escapes from his home and runs our home through the walls during showings and open houses, his cute factor quickly fade to...where are the traps (did I just say that!)

I chose this because it reminds me of our God holds me through the stressful times!


Heather said...

Yay! Sold!

So funny about the hamster. Don't forget to write about the crickets too :)

Allie MacPhail said...

We are here and settled, you are welcome anytime!!
I cannot wait to here more of your move and see pics of your new home!!!
we miss you already too!