Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five in a row

Five in a row all with different needs. I asked myself moments ago, "What did I do today?" So, for tonight I feel I must randomly assemble my moments. One day I will refelct perhaps with more energy!! Right now however, I do sit here a wee bit sleepy and needy of some rest. Here it goes...my day with five in a row!

coffee, cheerios, toast and jam messy floors, laundry, laundry and more laundry
dishes in the sink, school books all over the dining room table (need a space heater in school room, feels like a fridge right now) eraser bits, pencil shavings, broken pencils, maker lids, diaper change, stickers stuck to the floor, wet spots and salt spots, coats laid out to dry, boots in the hallway, mitts on the vent, diaper change, did I mention dishes and laundry, sibling issues, moments during math and language, "I can't do this, it is too much work and too hard"
book reporst times three (only a little painful!) new readers, finishing a reader, artwork, wipe off board full of designs, clicky clack shoes worn all day all over the house and dancing never ending! Diaper change, nursing, nursing and nursing (not crying when I feed her anymore, that is progress!!), meals being dropped by (oh what a blessing), a coffee visit that made my day (thanks Stef P!), my brilliant mother being here to give me all the help I need, washing Katie's new moses basket because our needy cat Lady decided to pee in it (she is a little out of sorts currently, our basement is being renovated and we have invaded her space so she made her own plans, plus she usually does this when a new baby arrives, what is she a kid or something, do dogs do this too???). Sara had a morning bath, thank goodness Chris and Samantha helped while I nursed and changed a diaper! 
There is more, but the bed calls my name so I am ready for the next round of feeding....I am thankful for my five in a row. I need to pray specifically how to meet their needs on a daily basis and enable them to make their day work well!!
Good night....



Heather said...

precious, precious, precious.
you can do it, Nellie, if anyone can :)
God has given you an overwhelming amount of strength that I have always admired... just lean on Him because your good days will begin to outweigh the messy ones soon :)

love, me

The Maretzki Family said...

The last picture is priceless!!!