Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fancy that, forty days...

A tradition started all because my eldest sister turned forty first! Forty ways to love someone forty days before you turn forty! (That is a lot of the number forty in that sentence) A gift a day for forty days leading to the birthday.

 We may not have done it quite the same for Charm (eldest) , slightly different but with the same meaning. A gift with forty items  to open was a part of the fun!!!
 Now, hold on, it is my turn. When I write this I truly do not believe that forty is my age. Having  precious baby number five arrive before forty still has me in awe. I have not been thinking much about this birthday. I have been navigating the waters of baby and homeschooling the other four...

I did not know that twenty two years ago (when I met my dear hubby) I would be celebrating sixteen years of marriage this summer, a fortieth birthday with five children to cut the cake at my side!!! Amazing the plans the Lord has for us when we just do not know.

So, my mom arrived with a few goodies to begin the countdown and gifts have already been opened! The tradition continues and I am looking forward to the plans God has for me in this fortieth year of life. So thanks to my sisters and my mom I am on a journey daily to open a note and gift with words of biblical wisdom and love! How cool is that! Right now I am re-learning to type with the 'fake nails' that I have on! So funny, I look as though I was just at the spa and really I was in front of my fireplace laughing at myself for trying to have the perfect french manicured nails (they say to take them off in a week, okay there were obviously not meant for moms! How can these stay on for a week? The test is on...)

Many weeks ago I sat down to reflect and what came to be is what follows...

I have a list compiled (I like lists!) broken down into four groups: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social
Forty Ways,
Forty Days,
To a stronger Women of God!

So here is the beginning of my journey to forty - less than a month to go....


scipture memory with Duncan
reading verses out loud to the family
reading biographies of christians that have gone before us
reading and reviewing books so that others can learn from them too
early rising for prayer and devotion
praying with whole family
praying with individuals
read New Testament
journaling prayer requests and praying alone with Hubby
have a spiritual mentor and more accountability


wise activities with children - choices of where we go and what we do to be honouring to Christ
pursue relationships with neighbours
seek out a local senior home to play piano
 love my circle of friends with prayer, more consistent contact and listening to them
remembering birthdays better and celebrating friends more
pray with friends, meet new people, contact old friends
dates, date and more dates with Duncan and talking listening and enjoying this journey of life together
Dates with kids
titus 2 - Keep my children, home and husband as number one
mentoring younger moms
embrace my sisters, mom, MIL and SIL in creative, loving ways


exercising indoors with J. Michaels
Water water water
cleaner eating
new recipes
take cooking class, and cook with friends and kids more
more salad
less white, more whole grain, less sugar
the quest for the best cookie, muffin, cake recipe (healthy if possible)
sleep - bed earlier (?) rise earlier


more reading and book reviews
writing more articles, blogging, write a book (one day?)
get published in the right places at the right time for Gods Glory
photography class
bring two blogs into one
stationary and photography dream
read to kids more and encourage submitting to magazines
Learn spanish
photographing families
young moms ministry

My theme for forty is
'Doing something bigger than me'

Here I go....

I begin by taking notice of what inspires me....

Seeing the simple, knowing it is really profound...

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Charmaine said...

It's my greatest pleasure and honor to bless you my dear sister... keep watching the mailbox! Love your goals, love your theme.... love you. Carm