Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sisters, so thankful!

Paula, you are due with number eight and look at you! Your daughter Sydney took this beaituful shot and it captures your beauty in so many ways. You have said YES to the Lord in so many ways and this is one of them....babies. God has you on a journey to glority Him and you are. I am thankful for you and proud of you!! Always praying for you!!

Charmaine, you are the queen of driving and surprising. You made it all the way here when Sara was born (almost five years ago can you believe it!?) and then for my fortieth birthday party! You simply amaze me. Twelve to fourteen hours in a car with kids is tricky and you did it for me! Thank you again and again!
You live your life to glorify God. You have a home full of life and five children. You make it work and inspire me to keep on keeping on when I don't feel like it! Thank you for living out your life so I can learn!

My sisters are a gift and today I am profoundly grateful!

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Graceful Oven said...

I loved this post because I share the same feelings about my dear sister! I cannot imagine who I would be/what I would do without her!