Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage Style

I am grateful that my children are here. Simple as that.Taking this photo walks me down memory lane as I recall doing this for Sara too. My MIL wore this when she was a baby and has since passed it along. Funny,  don't recall if I had this for Samantha because I can't find any pictures! Sorry eldest daughter!

This style to me is precious, not as much as the wee frame that fits perfectly in the lace.

Gifts that last....

My gift to Katie is the same as it is for the other two young girls in our home. To raise godly women that celebrate Christ first. How do I do that? How do I share that gift daily?

Firstly, I have found over the years that when you surround yourself with women that truly love and serve the Lord you can't help but enable your daughters to see this is not just a fabricated idea you created. Other women and young girls know the love of Christ too and can live it out in front of them and speak truth.

Secondly, allowing our conversations to be intentional. Constantly weaving biblical truths in our day. Such as this morning! Samantha went from messy bedhead to (We call our hair time hair salon, not really that creative, but it means taking time to care for your body!!) soft, elegant shiny hair! We just took some time to concentrate on the outside and as I used the flat iron, dryer and brush we also talked about her heart. Honestly, she did not want to be there at all. She was immeresed in a game I just bought from the homeschool convention and she did not want to stop. Unwillingly she complied and we overall had a great discussions from hair to heart. It does not have to be contrived, it can just happen!

Thirdly, admitting my sin and really walking away from it, turning and making a change. That is hard. I feel as though I need a small recording device close by to say,"I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" They hear it often enough! But I have to mean it and be different. Then they will truly see that I am serious about my faith.

This style of parenting will leave a lasting impression. I think of this vintage dress and the impression it leaves when I look at it and even touch it, beautiful style and precious, intricate design. Is my parenting beautiful, precious and intricate?

This is what is on my heart this rainy, but so green and lush day.

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