Monday, June 4, 2012

A surprise party with a sweet ending!

The Most Amazing Cake!!

So you might want to click on this link if you have a sweet tooth! Sweet Confectionary is a local cake decorating paradise. I stumbled upon it while organizing a surprise 40th for SP! The artist is local and is a mother of young children with a talent to be shared! In my brief meeting with her while picking up the cake, her young were around her and I wondered how she could create these amazing cakes while the young probably were right there while she bakes. She makes it work with other helping hands!! A woman with a passion for cakes and making her family work is a balancing act. I am sure it is tough to accomplish. All the ladies the night of the party sure enjoyed the chocolate cake she made, it was incredible! Visit the link and be pleasantly surprised with decadent cakes! MMMMM.

 Well this group of friends had a night out on the town celebrating SP's fortieth! What a wonderful night! I literally had sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much. That is just simply good health, to laugh a lot! I always laugh with Stef. I am so thankful for her friendship. So the evening ended with a sweet surprise, a cake from Sweet Confectionary. I knew I wanted a special cake for a special friend and decided that attemping to make one was out of the question! As I mentioned above, I found this site and was quite taken with her beautiful cakes and the lovely site. Best, she was close by! I love local talent!!
Everyone brought with them five gifts that represented something special about SP. What a treat! She opened some beautiful gifts and some hilarious ones too! So fun! Celebrating friends or family is something I love to do! Whether it be with a party or meeting for a coffee, lunch, shopping, praying whatever can bring us together is worth celebrating! The evening was full of precious, hilarious moments and those are memory makers. Plus that restaurant was spectacular! Amazing cuisine and the staff fantastic! Visit in Oakville!!

Happy 40th SP!
Robynn, we managed! What would we do without voicemail, texting and just laughing!?

Love ya my friend and may God richly bless you in this your fortieth year! I am thankful for your heart for God and your love for others. You serve and care for so many that are forgotten in this world. You inspire me to do more!

Can't wait to have another reason to order a cake!

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