Monday, June 11, 2012

Watching and waiting

Waiting for the caterpillars to grow, change and transform into a creature of beauty!
(They have now, that is another post coming! What a great experience we had!)

                                                           Watching and waiting.....

                                             Watching and waiting for the turtle to move into
                                                                some serious action!

Watching and waiting for Katie to slide down!

We all watch and we all wait. For me, I need to remember that strength comes from waiting on the Lord. I am trying to put into perspective what waiting means. So many things in life take time. Watching the caterpillars change has been a reminder to us all just how precious time is! We waited, it seemed like forever! But we waited with eager anticipation of what was to come.

I need to wait eagerly for what the Lord will speak in my life, to my children and to my husband. So I will watch and wait, but I don't want to be lazy I want to wait for answers actively!! Simply, I read His word and pray....

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