Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Fifth Birthday Sara!

Cousin hugs

Yes, I am five!

Thank you Sue for creataing truly amazing cookies. The designs were beautiful and colourful and of course they tasted delicious!

Friends sharing the day

more hopping and jumping with excitement!

Thank you Jack for caring for Katie during busy parties!

Her ant discovery! Any closer she would have kissed the pavement, ouch

Uncle B and Halcyon shooting pop cans on a special visit!

Well, she still has her special pink "balankie" she calls it, but soon that will become a distant memory. "Oh, I remember the pink blanket my Auntie Paula made me when I was born!" I don't know, maybe it is just the heart strings in me but I am always saddened by the gradual movement toward a new era of kidhoodd! She is now five and in SK. I honestly get so excited about curriculum for her this Septemeber! I have so many fond memories of teaching that age group and now I have my own for the fourth time to teach all the SK goodness. For that reason I celebrate her moving toward a new era. I do love to watch them grow.

 A reminder of just how little time we have to lavishly love them and lead them toward Christ.

So Sara, I want to love you even more today than I did yesterday. Happy 5th Birthday! What a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Cupcakes, cookie decorating, swimming and just plain fun! The best kind of birthday. Daddy and I love you so much!!!


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Sue said...

I'm a little late in stopping in but had to say... it was my pleasure and honor to spend this special day with you & your precious family!! Love you xo