Wednesday, July 11, 2012

North in the Woods

Spending time at a place up north that I met Duncan has been wild to say the least. Many memories come back. It seems not that long ago. Now our kids are here enjoying what we enjoyed, although there are a few additions now!! The boys are in camp (first time ever!) and me and the girls are together and they enjoy activities during the day perfect for them. I have hardly taken my camera out! I have not been able to carry it with me easily and at a beach yikes! Watching Katie and taking a picture do not work well. I am going to maximize my photography when Duncan arrives tomorrow for the rest of the week to help out on the dock! Yup, old guy on the dock and in the boats! Jack has wakeboarding first period so he will be with his Daddy! How fun is that!?
We are blessed to be here and soak in these moments. Lots of friends here and new ones to meet. I am enjoying my time here. Very blessed.
The staff here love the Lord and are serving so well. The campers come into a place where they hear about a God that loves them and has a plan. How it is done is unique and my prayer is that the campers leave with Jesus in their heart, mind and soul and that a journey begins of drawing closer to a relationship with Him.

They miss the boys! We see them in passing and that is hard because they want more! Look at this pic, she ran to him and hugged him. Jack said I miss Katie so much! Very sweet.

Jack is here in the am

View of one part of beach

more to come when I have my camera!

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~Sydney Ellen~ said...

That picture of Jack and Katie is oh so sweet! :) Great to hear what you've been up to - can't wait to hear more when you get back!