Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sara turns Six!

Breakfast in bed is how the day begins!

Few fun gifts

Magic show

By her big brother Jack - assisted by Eric!!

Jack, you were amazing! We were all amazed by the amazing Jack! Did I use the word amazing? Oh
yes I did!! AMAZING!!!

Party girls

Here very own cake

cake pops for all

Game time...thank you big sister!!!!


All the precious children there were not photographed by me!! I need other pictures, but I did find some so here is a peek at the fun party day. Lots of games by Samantha and all the kids enjoyed the pool, food and treats. Sara had such a wonderful day. She did not stop smiling from the moment she woke to breakfast in bed until the day ended with Daddy coming home to have dinner with the birthday girl.
What a day. Happy birthday sweet Sara!!!
We love you!!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday again, Sara! It was so fun to be at your party. Oliver still talks about it--especially the magic show!