Monday, March 3, 2014

To have and to hold

 His precious daughter at his side, a flurry of emotion

Curls and bobby pins, hair spray and careful attention to detail, all for the celebration of love!

The lace adorned with detail that lined her veil and her dress, all intentionally chosen to wow the groom
petals tossed with grace and sweet smirk from our very own flower girl - Sara Glo

 Those in attendance yet again have to privilege of witnessing a union blessed by God, a covenant before man and God all to His glory

The commitment to love and adore as long as they both shall live

The moment they had been waiting for, man and wife for the firs time.
You know what I love? That the entire ceremony pointed to the one who created them, who gave them one another, the God who sent his son for us!
To you Marjolaine and Sope, we love you and celebrate this new adventure in your lives.
You are dear to us
March 1, 2014
Bon Voyage Mes Amis!


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sydney ellen said...

awesome pictures! Love her hair and dress.