Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simply remembering moments...

I remember when she held her sister and would just stare with love abounding.
I remember that purple, cotton dress and the multi-coloured scrunchie in her hair that matches a gymnastics suit Sara wears to her class now!
I remember the feel of the velvety soft blanket Katie was wrapped in that day.
I remember the smooth, tender skin when I kissed her cheek..
I just remember and am thankful.

Oh, and I remember Spring, somehow I do!

              I remember to stand strong when I feel weak.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...I can do all things IN Christ!

When I hold Sam, I remember when I gave her twin baby dolls and she naturally held and hugged them both and cared for them as I see her caring now for her sisters.
Today I remember moments and I am just thankful.


gmudge said...

Lovely reflections Sandee.
Good for calming our mind,taking us out of the present to re gather ourselves.
We have a merciful, loving, creative God - those traits I find in you.
Love always, my dear.

Heather said...

Great memories!
Love that you "somehow remember Spring" :) I saw my first two robins this morning and I remembered Spring too!