Friday, June 6, 2014

relaxing with the birds

Watching and waiting allows me time to...relax.
What kind of word is that these days? Even if I take a few moments that seems to fill my soul cup to the brim.
I marvel at the bravery these birds have to fly right by me and perch, look around sneak a seed and off they go.
I fed them at that moment, selfishly I do that so I can observe them close up.
I have always loved watching nature unfold in front of my eyes. From a thunderstorm rolling in, the sun rising and setting or birds taking care of their brood.

...caught taking a picture


Taking photos is relaxing, especially moments like this! My children, my favourite subjects!

1 John 4:7

Let us love one another with the love that comes from you. And as we love each other, live in us, Lord, and make your love complete in us.
My prayer today....


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gmudge said...

Hi Sandee: loved seeing your obvservation and beautiful bird pics and being reminded of His care.
Scripture talk about how He cares for the birds is most comforting in our up and down days many a time. Much love and affirmation to you of our love and most definitely of HIS love to you, over you, through you. oxoxox mom