Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Summer Dress

One evening after a bath (first one in the house since our bathroom was just finished!) I dried them off, put some pretty smelling goodies in their hair (weakness of mine, I love a pretty scent!!) sent them up to get in their jammies. I know Samantha takes such good care of Sara and wondered what she would dress her in tonight. Well, no jammies, a favourite summer dress. What saddenes me is that this will be the last time they can wear them together. Sara can barely get it over her head now. They came down with hair done, smelling so yummy and truly on top of the world because they looked like princesses. They came out and it filled me with joy! So, out came the camera and off they went to dance and pose. I think they are quite used to being photogpahed.
If they could wear the summer wardrobe all year long they would most certainly. Reality is with our winters they must hibernate for a season and when the weather turns and the warm breezes arrive and soflty remind us of God's gift of change, the bin comes out, we hold our breath and try things on. Most goes on to cousins or friends. The odd dress can remain.

Here it is, the last summer dress. They loved every minute!